Improve the WiFi signal to your devices

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Change your wireless channel

You might be slowed down if your hub is using a wireless channel that's too busy - like if your neighbours’ hub or other wireless devices are using the same one.

It's easy to change your wireless channel. Just turn your hub's power off for a few seconds, then back on again. Wait a few minutes for your hubs light to return to normal then try again.

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Get the best signal from your hub

Where you put your hub can really affect your WiFi signal. For the clearest signal:

  • Keep it out in the open - not in a cabinet, on the floor or stuck behind the tv. 30cm of space around it's best.
  • Keep away from wireless devices like your cordless phone.
  • Try put it where you use the internet most - the signal is stronger near your hub.

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Extend your WiFi signal

Struggling to connect or is slower in some rooms? These might be blackspots - areas your signal can’t reach.

Think about getting a WiFi booster. They extend your signal to cover even more of your home.

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What's using your bandwidth?

Everything you connect to your hub uses bandwidth. The more you connect the more it can slow you down.

Don't forget those things running in background, like app updates, device backups and all those open browser tabs.

Shut them down if not being used. And always keep your WIFi password on - it stops anyone else using your WiFi.

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The latest home technology like smart TVs, Sky Q and app-controlled thermostats, can all use your bandwidth. Check your devices minimum requirements to make sure your internet speed can handle all of these. Or, see the minimum speed you'll need for popular online activities (PDF 53kb).

Tip: Some activities like online gaming or streaming in HD need better speeds. If you can, connect these devices with an Ethernet cable - wired connections are faster more stable than WiFi.

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Evenings and weekends can be busy online. With more people competing for WiFi where you live, it too can slow you down.

If you're slowed down at peak times or when you have too many devices connected, there's not a problem with your broadband. But your package might not be the right one for you - Think about upgrading to a faster broadband package to better suits your needs.

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It might not be your WiFi

Having problems with certain devices? Some older devices might not be able to keep up with newer apps and features. Or might just be low on memory. These can both slow your device down and make your WiFi seem slower than it is.