Finding shows with subtitles

It’s easy to find out if a particular show or movie has subtitles:

  • Highlight the programme in your TV guide and check the programme information for the letter S. Using an older Sky box? You may need to press i on your Sky remote to bring up the programme information.
  • You can also check for subtitles while watching TV by bringing up the programme banner and checking for the letter S.
  • There's also a Subtitles section in the On Demand, Sky Box Sets and Sky Cinema menus.

Image showing the subtitles icon

Highlighting shows with subtitles

To see at a glance if a show has subtitles, set up your TV Guide or Planner to highlight shows with subtitles:

Key Information

Subtitles are available for Live TV and On Demand content in the Sky Go app on all platforms, including Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac and games consoles. They aren't available for recordings or live TV streams in Sky Go from a connected Sky Q box. Subtitles aren't available in the Sky Kids app, on Ultra HD Entertainment or Cinema content, or on the Sky Store section of the Sky box. For more help, read our guide to switching on subtitles.

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For more help with subtitles on Sky, read Switching on Subtitles or Fixing problems with subtitles.