Codes of practice

These are the codes of practice we operate under.

Services Code of Practice
Details of our service to you as a Sky Talk customer. Covers a range of questions, including moving house and cancellations.

Complaints Code of Practice
We're committed to providing you with the best possible telephony service. If something does go wrong, we want to know so we can put it right as soon as possible.

Sales & Marketing Code of Practice
This code governs any activity related to how Sky Talk services are sold and marketed.

Code of Practice for Premium Rate and Number Translation Services
This is for Sky Talk’s domestic customers and has details on calls to premium rate services and number translation services.

Ofcom Condition C2: Information publication
Ofcom General Condition for information publication and transparency requirements.

Ofcom Condition C7: Switching
Ofcom General Condition for selling or marketing communications services.

Ofcom Condition C8: Sales and Marketing of mobile communications services
Ofcom General Condition for protecting consumers from mis-selling of mobile telecommunications services.

Ofcom Memorandum of Understanding: Nuisance Calls
This MoU sets out how participating communication providers will work together to reduce the impact of unlawful nuisance calls on consumers.