Changes to terms and conditions

Important Information

about Sky Store and Sky Box Office purchases

Changes to the terms and conditions

We've changed the Sky Store & Sky Box Office terms and conditions to make it clear that this contract covers all pay-per-view or rental movies or events offered by Sky via these channels or services in the future.

The definition of 'Contract' is amended as follows:

"This contract between you and us, of which the conditions form part, authorising you to receive Events."

We have also clarified your cancellation rights:

  • For Sky Box Office Events/movies ordered by phone or online via you cannot cancel your order once your event or movie has started.
  • For Sky Box Office Events/movies and Sky Store rentals ordered using your Sky remote control, you cannot cancel your order once you have started watching the event, movie or rental.

We've made some consequential changes to ensure that the remainder of the terms and conditions align with the changes above. You can view the our full Sky Store Terms and Conditions here.

The changes don't apply to our Sky Store – Buy & Keep service which is subject to separate terms and conditions.

These changes apply to any Sky Store or Sky Box Office purchases you make in the future.

Rental periods and copy protection

Your Sky Store rentals have the following viewing periods:

  • For content that you choose to download to your box (where available): 48 hours from when you first watch it.
  • For content that is automatically downloaded to your box: 24 hours from when you first watch it.

If you have downloaded Sky Store rental content to your box, you can delete that content and you will not be charged for it provided you have not watched it.

Sky employs technologies such as digital rights management and copy protection to control the playback and copying of digital content purchased through Sky.


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