Change your mobile plan

Always running out of data? Or just want to save a bit of money this month?

With Sky Mobile you can change your data, calls and texts plan every month, so you only pay for what you need.

Change your plan in My Account screen

Before you change anything, remember to select the right mobile / number or plan you want to make changes to.

Only the account holder can make the changes.


Change your plan or buy a 1GB data Add On:

  • Go to (My Account > Mobile > Manage plan). Max. 5 data Add Ons per account, per month.

Top up your data (roll back data) from your Sky Piggybank:

Got the My Sky app? Go to Manage account > Mobile > Mix or Sky Piggybank.

Useful data plans info

If you're upgrading your data plan, you new data allowance will be ready to use straight away. If you're downgrading to a lower data plan, then this won't change until your next bill date.

Our data plans change regularly, so you might not always be able to change to back to a plan you used to be on. - E.g. You change from 1GB @ £6 to 2GB @ £12 and the 1GB @£6 plan isn't available anymore - you won’t be able to change back to it.

Are you on the free 100MB introductory plan? If you upgrade your data plan at any time, you won’t be able to change back to the free plan.

Your unused data

At the end of ever month, any data you haven't used will automatically roll into your Sky Piggybank.

Calls and Texts

Choose from:

  • Unlimited Calls and Texts
  • Pay As You Use

Change your plan:

Got friends and family abroad?

Save on calls and texts from the UK to international numbers with the International Saver. Like your monthly plan, you can add and remove this every month.

For a full list of calls and texts charges see our Sky Mobile Tariff Guide.

Cancel a Calls and Texts Saver

  1. Go to and sign in with your Sky iD.
  2. Select the SIM name / phone number you want to change.
  3. In the Manage plan tab, select the Calls and Texts Savers you want to cancel and select Change your plan.

Bills and payments

If you upgrade your plan, your next bill might be more than you think. Don’t worry, you’re only paying for what you use - this is just to cover 2 months (this month and next month) in advance.

For help understanding your next bill, see our bill examples.

Still need a hand?

If your problem isn’t sorted, you can check out our related help or get in touch with us.