Terms and Conditions – Republic of Ireland

  • This page contains key facts (below) as well as links to some important information about our subscriptions and services for new customers in the United Kingdom, including the terms and conditions that apply to the services they receive from us. Please select the appropriate link from the list on the left to be taken to the relevant document or webpage.

    If you have any questions or want to talk to us about any of this, please contact us.


    Getting set up as a Sky customer

    • Your Sky services are for domestic use only.

    • Each Sky service has a separate contract.

    • Information on how we deal with complaints and options for alternative dispute resolution, can be found in our 'Complaints Code of Practice' which you will find by visiting ‘Complaints’ in the Help & Support section of sky.com or by going to help.sky.com/my-account/make-a-complaint/sky-customer-complaints-code-of-practice. You can also access the EU online dispute resolution website (see https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr)

    • You must get any necessary consent before installation, for example, planning or landlord permission. Non-standard set-up of your TV services may cost extra e.g. it requires additional cabling, brackets or mounts.

    • When you receive your new Viewing Card, please keep it safe and give it to your Sky engineer when they arrive to set you up.

    • Non-standard set-up of your TV services may cost extra e.g. if additional cabling, brackets or mounts are needed.

    • You can view our privacy and cookies notice online. You can also choose not to be contacted about other products and services at any time.

    • If, from information you have provided, fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies to prevent fraud and money laundering. We can provide you with further details explaining how the information held by these agencies may be used.


    Paying for your Sky services and your bill

    Prices may increase and services may vary, including during the minimum term. We will let you know about any material changes and your options before we make them.

    • In your minimum term, Sky TV prices may increase once every 12 months by up to 10%. These limits do not apply to other Sky services.

    • We may charge any one off charges you owe to us to the card you used to pay for your set up or upfront payment.

    • We will bill you monthly in advance for all your subscription services. Other charges, such as Sky Box Office or non-inclusive call charges will be billed in arrears. Any offers will be shown on your statement.

    • We will send you confirmation of your Direct Debit agreement separately.

    • You can view your bill at least 14 days before your monthly payment due date, make payments and manage your account through the My Sky app or visit sky.com/mysky. If you're a Sky Q customer, press Home on your Sky Q remote and go to My Account.

    • If you fail to make a payment to us when it is due and the sums are not in dispute, we may control, restrict or end the provision of the Services by giving you at least 7 days’ notice in writing and/or charge you a fee for late payment. Details of these fees can be found at www.sky.ie/latepaymentfee.


    Ending your Sky services

    • Your cancellation rights will be sent to you with your full terms and conditions.

    • You’ve confirmed that you are happy for your Services to start during your cooling off period. You can still cancel in that period but you will be charged for services and any installation and or activation fees incurred up to the point that you cancel.

    • To end your TV contract you’ll need to give us 31 days’ notice which cannot end before your minimum term.

    • Early termination charges are payable if, during your minimum terms, your Talk or Broadband contracts end, or we end your TV contract because you breach your T&C’s.

    • You may be able to reduce the early termination charge by changing your TV option, changing your Sky Talk calls package and/or removing any service or feature you pay extra for (where permitted), as long as the change takes effect before the contract ends.


    Sky Owned Equipment

    • Any Sky Owned Equipment that is loaned to you must be returned when the service ends, but the good news is that if you ever have any technical issues with the loaned equipment you won’t be charged for a standard service visit.

    • We will write to you shortly advising which Sky equipment is being loaned to you.


    Sky TV - General information

    • Within the minimum term your Sky TV, Sky HD and Multiscreen prices may increase once by up to 10% or RPI if greater. Other prices and services may also vary.

    • Any dish we provide is owned by you.

    • You need to connect your Sky box to broadband to get the most out of your Sky TV services.

    • Your new contracts will be posted to your address or your My Sky account. Create a SkyiD to log in from sky.com to view your terms and conditions online.

    Sky TV - Sky Q customers

    • A 12 month minimum terms applies to your Sky Q package. If you add Sky Q Multiscreen to your existing Sky Q package a new 12 month minimum term applies to your Sky Q Multiscreen subscription.

    • Sky Q 1TB UHD and Sky Q 2TB boxes are UHD compatible.

    • Sky Q 1TB/1TB UHD/2TB box must connect to a TV using an HDMI cable.

    • You need active broadband for Sky Q Multiscreen and a Sky Q Multiscreen subscription to use a Sky Q Mini box.

    • You can only use 2 Sky Q Mini boxes at the same time with a Sky Q UHD compatible box or 1 with a Sky Q 1TB box.

    • We recommend the maximum number of Sky Q Mini Boxes connected and powered at any time is 4.

    • TV links are not compatible with Sky Q, as there are no RF connections. If you want to watch on another TV, you’ll need a Sky Q Mini box.

    Sky TV - Sky customers

    • Separate 12 month minimum terms apply to each of your Sky TV, Sky , Sky HD and Multiscreen services.

    • If you’re taking a Sky HD box and your block of flats has a communal satellite dish, you will not be able to receive full Sky functionality unless you have more than one satellite connection in your flat. This does not affect Sky Q.

    • If you have an active broadband service, any internet enabled Sky box you have must be connected to your router if we have provided the equipment you need to connect e.g. an On Demand Connector.


    Sky TV - if you’ve upgraded to Sky Q from Sky

    • Sky Q replaces your existing Sky TV services. Our engineer will uninstall Sky boxes you currently use and your Viewing Card(s) will no longer work with them.

    • Your current Sky TV contracts will end and a new contract for the Sky Q under new terms and conditions starts.

    • If you have any subscriptions that are not on your Sky bill you’ll need to speak to the provider you pay to ensure your viewing continues on the Sky Q box. You’ll need to tell them the number of the Viewing Card for the Sky Q box.

    Sky TV - if you’ve taken the Ultimate TV Add On, Disney , Sports Extra or Eir Sport 1

    • You need a Sky TV subscription, Sky Q box and an active broadband service for Netflix or Disney .

    • You must have an HD compatible box to view the Premier Sports channels included within Sports Extra.

    • It is your responsibility to cancel any existing BT Sports, Premier Sports, Eir Sport 1 or Disney subscriptions that you have with another provider to avoid being charged by that provider. Netflix can be linked to your Sky account without cancelling (see below).

    • Sports Extra and Eir Sport 1 are not available via Sky Q in Ultra HD.

    • Sky will bill you for your Disney or Netflix plan from the date it’s activated on your Sky account and your 14 day cooling off period will commence on the same date. You’ve confirmed you are happy for your Netflix or Disney services to start during your cooling off period. You can still cancel in that period, but you will be charged for services used up to that point.

    • We will need to share some of your information with Disney or Netflix in order to provide you with a service. For further information about how Sky handles your personal data and your rights, please visit the Privacy & Cookies Notice available at www.sky.com/help/articles/sky-privacy-and-cookies-notice.

    For Netflix Only

    • If you already have a Netflix account, you have the option to link it to your Sky account. Netflix will continue to charge you separately until you link that account. For any queries regarding your billing with Netflix prior to linking it to Sky, please contact Netflix.

    • The Netflix Premium plan allows you to watch Netflix on 4 screens at the same time, and access Netflix Ultra HD To get this you need a Sky HD and Sky UHD subscription. Please note that in order to watch in Ultra HD on Sky Q, you’ll need a UHD compatible box and a UHD compatible TV. You cannot view Ultra HD on a Sky Q mini box.

    • Netflix’s Standard plan requires the Sky HD subscription and allows you to watch Netflix on 2 screens at the same time and access Netflix HD.

    • Netflix Basic plan allows you to watch Netflix on 1 screen and in standard definition.

    • If you link an existing Netflix Premium plan to your Sky account but don’t have a Sky UHD subscription, you’ll move to either Netflix’s Standard or Basic plan depending on whether you have a Sky HD subscription.

    • You can access your Netflix account via the Sky Q box or via the Netflix app on 3rd party devices.

    • You’ll need to contact Sky to make changes to your Sky TV subscriptions in order to change the Netflix plan you are on.

    • You can view Netflix’s Privacy Statement on Netflix.com/privacy

    • If you link an existing Netflix account as part of your Sky package, Netflix will resume billing you for your membership once your Netflix subscription via Sky ends if they still hold a valid payment method. If you wish to review your Netflix membership with them, please visit help.netflix.com.

    • Netflix is streamed via broadband. A minimum download speed per stream of 3.0 Mbps for Netflix Basic (SD content), 5.0 Mbps for Netflix Standard (HD content) and 25.0 Mbps for Netflix Premium (Ultra HD content) is recommended.

    • We will share the preferred email address registered to your Sky account with Netflix International B.V. in order for Netflix to provide you with your services.

    • While the Ultimate TV Add On is part of your Sky TV package or linked to it, if and to the extent that the Netflix Terms of Use related to billing, payments and cancellations (except section 3.2) conflict with the terms of your Sky Q customer contract, the Sky Q terms shall prevail.

    For Disney only

    • Once your Disney service is active on your Sky account you will be sent an email with instructions on how you can set up and use the service straight away.

    • You can view Disney content on 4 devices at the same time and have a maximum of 10 devices registered at any one time.

    • To watch Disney in Ultra HD through your Sky Q box you need a Disney subscription with Sky, a Sky Q UHD compatible box and compatible UHD-Ready TV. You cannot view content in Ultra HD via a Sky Q Mini box.

    • Disney is streamed via broadband. A minimum download speed per stream of 5.0 Mbps for Disney HD content and 25.0 Mbps for Disney Ultra HD content is recommended.

    • You can view Disney ’s Privacy Statement via www.disneyplus.com/legal/privacy-policy

    • While Disney is part of your Sky TV package, your customer contract is with Sky. If and to the extent that the Disney Terms of Use as they relate to billing, payments and cancellations conflict with the terms of your Sky Q customer contract, the Sky Q terms shall prevail.

    Sky TV - Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range (HDR), On Demand and the Sky Go App

    • To watch Sky TV in Ultra HD you need a Sky HD and Sky UHD subscription, a Sky Q UHD compatible box and a compatible UHD-ready TV. You cannot view content in Ultra HD via a Sky Q Mini box or the Sky Go App.

    • If you remove your Sky HD subscription, your Sky UHD subscription will automatically end.

    • You need an Ultra HD TV that supports 2160p at 50 frames per second (fps) and HDCP 2.2 on at least one of the HDMI inputs. All Ultra HD content available through Sky is protected by HDCP 2.2.

    • Further compatibility requirements apply to view High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, to review these additional requirements please visit https://www.sky.com/help/articles/check-which-sky-q-box

    • Time to start viewing On Demand content depends on your broadband download speed. For speedy viewing you’ll need:

    • 3Mbps for standard definition

    • 8Mbps for HD

    • 24Mbps for Ultra HD.

    • The Sky Go App only works on compatible devices. For more information on how to set up and use the Sky Go App please visit http://help.sky.com/articles/sky-go-supported-devices


    Sky TV - Using Sky Go Extra

    • It may take up to 24 hours to enable Sky Go Extra after your Sky TV service is active.

    • Downloads are not available on games consoles and via 3G.

    • If you are a Sky Q Multiscreen or Ultimate On Demand customer Sky Go Extra is included when you’ve registered for Sky Go.


    Sky Broadband & Talk Services - General information

    • Separate 12 month minimum terms apply to each of your Sky Broadband and Talk services.

    • We can make limited variations to our service and our price in any 12 month period. We will give advance notice of any changes. If we increase the price of your basic Sky Broadband package or Sky Talk package pricing you may cancel your contract for the relevant package within a month of us notifying you of the increase.

    • You must keep the Sky Broadband product you have chosen for the duration of your minimum term.

    • The speed check given to you was an estimate of the maximum line speed your line may receive. Further information on broadband speeds can be found at sky.ie/speeds and will also be provided in your contract booklet. We will test your line’s reliability during the first day and to establish a stable speed, so you should leave your broadband hub on during this time.

    • We will have confirmed at the point of sale if you needed to speak to your current provider about cancelling your existing services or if we will cancel these for you.

    • If we agreed to cancel your existing services, please be aware this will result in the cancellation of both your Broadband & Talk services with your current provider.


    Sky Broadband - additional information for customers on any of the Sky Ultrafast products

    • The speeds you experience on a day-to-day basis will depend on a few factors, including your home wiring, number of devices connected & the quality of your wired & wireless equipment.

    • Please confirm your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) device is currently switched on and remains powered on at all times to ensure we can place your order and activate your service successfully.

    • If you are an existing Sky broadband customer and are upgrading, you are required to return your Sky Hub 3 as part of your upgrade. Failure to return the hardware within 90 days will result in a charge being applied.

    • If you have a phoneline and are moving to any of the Sky Broadband Ultrafast products without a VOIP service, any security, care or social alarm services you may have had will no longer function.

    Sky Broadband - additional information for customers on any Sky Broadband Superfast or Ultrafast product

    • If you purchase Sky Broadband Superfast or Ultrafast products without a Sky Talk or VOIP service, you will not be able to make or receive calls, we recommend you have a mobile phone to be able to contact the emergency services if required

    Sky Broadband - Sky Broadband Buddy

    • Sky Buddy is only compatible with Sky broadband, therefore if you end your Sky Broadband service Sky Buddy will automatically end.

    • If you are an existing Sky Broadband customer and you take Sky Buddy you will be entering your Sky Broadband into a new 12 month minimum term.

    • Sky Broadband Buddy will be available after your Sky Broadband service has been activated. You need to activate Sky Broadband Buddy separately and it requires the Sky Broadband Buddy app on compatible iOs or Android devices (see for device and software requirement).


    All Sky Talk Products

    • With Sky Talk Freetime you get inclusive evening and weekend calls of up to one hour to Republic of Ireland local and national landline numbers.

    • With Sky Talk Anytime you get inclusive calls of up to an hour to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland local and national landline numbers plus 20 international geographic landline destinations.

    Unless you are a cable customer with Virgin Media, you do not need to contact your existing provider to tell them you are switching your telephone or broadband service. We will do this on your behalf. If you are switching from a cable provider you will need to contact them in order to cancel your services.

    • Please contact us if you want to change your preference on receiving unsolicited marketing calls or faxes from third parties to your landline in the National Numbering Database. This is different from and will not affect the way Sky uses your information.


    Additional information for customers on Sky Talk – VoIP

    • Your Sky voice service is dependent on your Sky Fibre Ultra service being active.

    • Your phone will need to be connected directly into the Sky Hub.

    • The ONT and Sky Hub must be powered on for the voice service to activate. In the event of a Broadband or Power outage your Sky Talk service will not work. Sky does not provide battery back-up facilities for power outages.

    Monitored alarms

    • If you have a remotely monitored security, care or social alarm or Telecare service and are signing up to Sky broadband Superfast please inform your alarm provider to disconnect the alarm before the fibre installation date or we may not be in a position to complete the installation. Sky or its agents shall not be liable for any impact on your alarms as a result of the installation.

    • Please be aware that security, care or social alarms may not function correctly over Sky Ultrafast products or our Sky Talk VoIP service. We would advise you to check with your alarm provider.

    Installations and new line orders

    • If additional work over and above standard needs is required on your private property, you may have to bear an additional cost. If this arises we’ll consult with you before we proceed.

    • If you have booked an engineer visit or we needed to send an engineer to install network equipment you must contact us before 3.30pm on the working day before the installation date to re-arrange or cancel your appointment. If you fail to do so or you miss or fail to make the necessary arrangements for your appointment to take place, we will retain your installation fee and may charge you any costs incurred by Sky and a charge may apply for subsequent appointments. Installation will not proceed where extensive construction over and above standard needs is required.

    • If you have ordered a new phone line then we will once again contact you when the phone line is activated. You will be charged for all and any calls on the line following installation.

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