Terms and Conditions – Republic of Ireland

  • This page contains links to some important information about our services in the Republic of Ireland, including the terms and conditions that apply to the services you receive from us. Please select the appropriate link from the list on the left to be taken to the relevant document or webpage.

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    Sky Ireland – Sales Confirmation Corrective Statement

    We understand the importance of providing our customers with full and clear information about prices, terms and conditions and the right to a cooling off period to consider this information.

    We have been made aware that a number of the customers that changed their service since September 2015 did not receive confirmation of these details in the form of a durable medium such as an email or letter. Unfortunately this means these customers were not given all of the information needed to fully understand the rights and terms associated with the services they signed up to.

    This issue was identified through an investigation carried out by the electronic communications regulator, ComReg. Sky regrets that this failure occurred and apologises for any inconvenience it may have caused and by this statement seeks to rectify the matter. ComReg requires us to publish this statement on our website outlining the error. We have taken steps to ensure that this will not happen again in the future.