Call us on screen messages on Sky+

If you're seeing any of these messages on your Sky+ box, try the steps below to clear the message.

  • "Call to upgrade"
  • "Call the broadcaster to book this programme"
  • "Call the broadcaster"
  • "Recording and playback unavailable"
  • "You cannot purchase this programme"
  • "Call XX to upgrade/You do not have entitlement"

Check your viewing card

  1. Remove your viewing card from your Sky+ box, and check for any damage. Don't worry if there's some discolouration - this is completely normal. If it is damaged, you'll need to contact us.
  2. Re-insert your viewing card, making sure the gold chip is facing up.
  3. If prompted by an on-screen message, pair your viewing card to your box

Viewing card

Check your subscription

Check the channel or programme you're trying to watch is included in your subscription. You can check this by logging into My Account online.

Check your billing

Check you're up-to-date with all your billing and your account hasn't been blocked due to missed payments. You can check this by logging into My Account online.

If you're still having problems, you'll need to contact us for more help.

Seeing a different error message? Try typing your on screen message into our error message lookup tool.

Do you need more help?

Thanks for using our online services – if you do still need to contact us, please be aware that wait times may be longer than normal due to social distancing in our contact centres, but be assured we’re prioritising calls from customers who’ve already been online.