Your remote buttons explained

At the top of the Sky remote, from left to right are the tv, sky, and standby buttons

1. tv: If you've set up your Sky remote to control your TV, pressing this button puts your remote in TV mode.

2. sky: Sets your remote to control your Sky box.

3. Standby: Switches your Sky box into standby mode.

Below this, from left to right are the tv guide, box office, services, and interactive buttons

4. tv guide: Brings up your seven day TV listings in the Sky Guide, as well as giving you access to your Planner, Catch Up TV, Sky Store and more.

5. box office: Displays your Sky Box Office listings, including the latest pay per view movies and upcoming sporting events.

6. services: Lets you manage the settings of your Sky box, including parental controls, Sky+ preferences and your Sky Guide layout.

7. interactive: Displays the menu for Sky Interactive, which lets you manage your account, upgrade your package and find technical help through your TV.

On the next row from left to right are the mute and i buttons

8. Mute: Mutes the volume on your Sky box

9. i: Gives you more details about the programme you're watching or have highlighted in your Sky Guide.

In the middle of the remote is the circular select button with the up, right, down and left navigation buttons

10. Navigation buttons

  • Press right when watching a show to bring up the last viewed channel.
  • Press up whilst watching a recording, paused or rewound TV to bring
    up the progress bar, then press left or right to skip backwards or
    forwards through the show. Time skipped depends on the length of the show or how long you’ve been watching the channel e.g. one hour shows skip in 15 minute blocks.

11. Select - Selects the option highlighted. When watching live TV this brings up the Mini Guide.

Either side of the navigation buttons are the volume up/down buttons (on the left) and the channel up/down buttons (on the right). Below the navigation buttons, from left to right, are the text, back up, and help buttons

12. vol +/-: Changes the volume up or down.

13. text: Brings up the BBC interactive service on BBC channels

14. ch +/-: Changes the channel up or down.

15. back up: Returns you to the previous page at any point within the Sky TV menu.

16. help: Displays your Audio Description and Subtitles settings when watching a programme. Pressing help in the Sky TV menu will display instructions on how to navigate the menus.

Below this in the middle are the pause (top) and play (bottom) buttons

17. Pause and Play: The top button Pauses the programme you're watching. The bottom Plays a recording from your Planner and returns you to normal viewing if you've paused, rewound or fast forwarded the programme you're watching.

Either side of the Pause/Play buttons are the rewind (left) and fast forward (right) buttons. Below these are the record (left) and stop (right)

18. Rewind: Rewinds your recorded programme or live TV. Press it repeatedly to choose the speed you rewind at, the slowest being 2x and the fastest being 30x.

18. Record: Records a programme. If it's part of a series, you'll be asked if you want to record the entire series or just the programme you've highlighted.

20. Stop: Returns you to live TV when watching a recorded programme from your Planner. If you've paused or rewound a live TV programme, pressing stop will return you instantly to the live broadcast.

21. Fast forward: Fast forwards your recorded programme. Press it repeatedly to choose your fast forward speed, the slowest being 2x and the fastest being 30x.

Below the record and stop buttons is a row of coloured buttons. From left to right: red, green, yellow, blue

22. Red, green, yellow and blue buttons: The coloured buttons help you navigate when you're in the Sky TV menus by giving you handy shortcuts. You'll see them listed at the bottom of your screen - for example, when you're in your Sky Guide, pressing the green button will take you straight to your Planner Planner or pressing the yellow button when you're on any live TV channel will launch My Sky. Please note: red button services are currently in SD, even if you have a HD subscription.

The rest of the remote is taken up by the number buttons, starting at 1 and ending in 0

23. Type in channel numbers to go straight to the channel.