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Sky & Netflix together

All the TV you need. In one simple subscription.

The TV you love
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With everything together, Smart Search covers over 30,000 shows, over 150 channels, plus Netflix, RTÉ Player, ITV, Channel 4, Prime, Apple TV, YouTube, Disney+ to find the TV you love. In a flash.

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Already have Netflix? We'll link your accounts, so you won't pay twice

All your apps
in one place

Never waste time searching between your favourite apps. Netflix, Disney+, RTÉ Player, discovery+, Spotify… they’re all in one place. Handy

Find it in a flash

With over 30,000 shows and more than 150 channels to discover, Smart Search lets you find what you want fast. No matter where it is, just ask

Sky & Netflix together

All the TV you need. In one simple subscription. Whatever you’re into, from drama to comedy to documentaries, you’re covered...

Never miss a moment

Forgot to record? No sweat. Sky Stream has all your favourite shows ready and waiting. Dive right in or add to your Playlist to watch later. And restart on any channel at any time. Smart thinking

Handy voice control

Control your TV with the power of your voice. Search 'Cate Blanchett films’ or ‘Subtitles on’ just by asking. Smooth

Sky Stream. Goodbye dish

The new way
to get Sky TV

All the entertainment you love, straight to your TV over WiFi

No dish. No fuss. Next day delivery.

Sky Glass.
The streaming TV from Sky

In-built streaming, with Sky TV and Netflix and the ultimate 4K HDR viewing experience.

★★★★ The future of Sky is here... it’s great having all your shows in one place

Pixel. Perfect

Quantum Dot technology brings a quantum leap in picture quality. With next level contrast and Ultra HD. Sky Glass is a billion colours better.

Sound. Sorted

Six powerful speakers. Epic subwoofer. All built-in for spine-tingling 360° Dolby Atmos® sound. Concert. Cinema. Stadium. Sky Glass puts you there.

Sky Q. Classic.

The alternative to streaming. Discover unmissable Sky TV with the award-winning Sky Q.