The Simpsons Season 25

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The world's longest running sitcom is still here!

Not just the longest-running cartoon, The Simpsons is the longest-running American primetime scripted show. It's been around longer than anything, except the news.

It's easy to see why the phenomenon that is The Simpsons is still around. It's won almost thirty primetime Emmy awards and was, according to Time magazine, the best television show of the twentieth century. It's been writing staff has included Conan O'Brien and Brad Bird, with occasional guest contributors including Ricky Gervais and Seth Rogen.

Famous for the spectacular and ever-changing opening credits, subversion of expectation, guest stars and well-placed references to popular culture, the show's greatest strength is, bizarrely, its realism. Not in style, clearly, but in character. We continue to love the Simpson family because they're so far from being ideal. They're real. Even when they're learning important lessons, they never cease to be who they are: a lazy father, a harried mother, a wilful boy, and a prudish girl. And a baby.

Success attracts success, and the show has long had celebrities clamouring to be involved. It's had guest appearances from, well, almost everyone; Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, and Benedict Cumberbatch have all been rendered in yellow, with more still waiting in the wings. 

The Simpsons have come a long way since their first outing on The Tracey Ullman Show, back in the deep depths of time known as the 80s. For a reminder of the old days, have a look at The Bartman.

See if you agree with our top 10 reasons to love The Simpsons, and catch up on the latest in our season 24 recap picture gallery.

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