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Pause, rewind, record and store TV with our Sky+HD box, enjoy even more storage with our Sky+HD 2TB box and watch your favourite shows in any room you fancy with our Sky HD Multiscreen box.

All of our boxes are HD and 3D ready, so if you also take the Family Bundle with Sky Movies and Sky Sports and the HD Pack, you’ll have access to the UK’s widest range of HD channels. Plus, it's easy to access our TV on demand content, including Catch Up TV, with Wi-Fi capability built into to our Sky+HD and Sky+HD 2TB boxes. It means that connecting them to your broadband router is simple.

Not sure which box you want? Take a look at the table below to find out which one is right for you.


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Sky boxes compared

  Sky HD box

Sky+HD box

All the benefits of Sky+, with 5x more picture detail
Sky HD 2TB box

Sky+HD 2TB box

All the benefits of Sky+ with 5x more picture detail and 1.5TB of personal storage space
Sky HD 2TB box

Sky HD Multiscreen box

Enjoy your Sky TV channels in another room


when you join Sky TV online

Set-up costs apply


when you join Sky TV online with
the Family Bundle

Set-up costs apply


when you join Sky TV with Sky Multiscreen

Set-up costs apply

Standard features
Built in Wi-Fi yes yes  
HD and 3D ready yes yes  yes
Sky programme guide yes yes yes
Interactive services yes yes yes
Parental controls yes yes yes
Set reminders yes yes yes

Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound**

yes yes yes
Sky+ features
Pause and rewind live TV yes yes  
Series Link yes yes  
Record two programmes at once yes yes  

Remote record from selected smartphones or online

yes yes  
Recordable space for HD/3D TV Up to 60 hrs Up to 350 hrs  
Recordable TV Up to 185 hrs Up to 1180 hrs  
On Demand  

Connect your Wi-Fi enabled Sky+HD box to any broadband router to enjoy:

  • UK's biggest Catch Up TV service
  • Full series TV Box Sets if you have the Family Bundle
  • Sky Store: 1000+ movies to rent
  • 100s of movies at no extra cost
    if you have Sky Movies
yes yes  

Showcase - our pick of the week's TV. Available without broadband connection

yes yes  
HD TV  HD ready  HD ready  HD ready
  • Access to the UK's widest range of HD channels
yes yes yes
  • Access to on demand HD content
yes yes  
  More about Sky+HD box More about Sky+HD 2TB box More about Sky Multiscreen


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Sky HD Multiscreen box

Your favourite TV in any room you fancy

The Sky HD Multiscreen box lets you watch the TV you love in different rooms at the same time. Plus, if you also have the
Family Bundle you can enjoy stunning HD
throughout your home.

  • Free with Sky Multiscreen
  • Enjoy HD throughout the home with the Family Bundle
  • Small, sleek and stylish design to fit neatly in any room

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Sky+?

    Along with a Sky+ subscription (which is free for Sky TV customers), a Sky+HD box is a digital TV receiver and a digital video recorder that lets you record and play back your favourite shows without tapes, DVDs or timers whenever suits you.

  • How do I watch programmes I've recorded with Sky+?

    Programmes you've recorded can be accessed via the on-screen menu. Your Planner shows you all the programmes you've got stored, indicating what you've seen and what's waiting to be watched. To watch a recorded programme, go to the Planner, highlight the programme you want, and press "select".

  • How much TV can I store on my box?

    You can record and store up to 185 hours of standard definition TV or around 60 hours of high definition TV on your Sky+HD box, and up to 1180 hours of standard definition TV or 350 hours of high definition TV on your Sky+HD 2TB box.

  • How do I access TV on demand content?

    Our Sky+HD and Sky+HD 2TB boxes have built in Wi-Fi capability, which means they're easy to connect to your broadband router so access TV on demand, including the UK's biggest Catch Up TV service is simple.

    The services you receive come at no extra monthly cost and depend on your Sky TV bundle.

    Find out more about setting up.

  • What accessories can I get for my Sky+HD box?

    Your Sky+HD box will come with a Sky+HD remote control. You can buy additional remote controls through Sky Accessories. If you wish to use any features which require an RF Modulator (e.g. TV Link or Magic Eye) you will need to buy an IO Link through Sky Accessories.

    If you don't have a new Sky+HD box with built-in Wi-Fi capability, you can get an an On Demand Connector if you want to connect to On Demand wirelessly.

    More about Sky Accessories


  • What is different about the Sky+HD 2TB box?

    The Sky+HD 2TB box gives you the ultimate TV viewing experience. If you like to watch your favourite TV again and again, it gives you a recording capacity of up to 350 hours in HD or a massive 1180 hours of standard definition TV. Plus you'll have all the flexibility of the Sky+ box with pause, rewind and record.

  • Can I upgrade my existing box to a Sky+HD 2TB?

    Yes, it's quick and easy to upgrade an existing box to a Sky+HD 2TB box, and if you currently have a Sky+ or Sky+HD box, you may not even need a visit from an engineer. The box costs from just £49 for existing Sky TV customers upgrading to the Family Bundle or taking a new Sky Multiscreen subscription (standard set-up costs apply. Existing Sky+ or Sky+HD customers may be able to choose self set-up for £15).

  • What is a terabyte?

    A terabyte is the same as 1000 gigabytes of memory. In the Sky+HD 2TB box, 2 terabytes of recording space equates to about 350 hours of HD TV or 1180 hours of standard definition TV - six times as much as a Sky+HD box.

  • How many channels can I watch in high definition?

    There are up to 73‡ channels available in high definition, depending on your Sky TV bundle The Family Bundle gives you access to over 50‡ HD channels, in line with your Sky TV subscription. Among the channels you'll get are Sky Atlantic HD, Sky1 HD, FOX HD, Discovery HD and Nat Geo HD.

    Sky Movies and Sky Sports channels are available to Family Bundle customers when the HD Pack is added, depending on your Sky TV bundle. So if you have the standard definition Sky Movies Premiere and/or Sky Sports 1 in your bundle you will receive the high definition version of that channel if available in the HD Pack.

    We show hundreds of different films every month on 11 dedicated high definition movie channels so you can catch even more of the action and drama in stunning high definition.

    Enjoy every practice and qualifying session and every race in the F1® season live in HD, on our dedicated channel, available to and Sky TV customers with the Family Bundle, Sky Sports and the HD Pack. You'll be spoilt for choice with live coverage of three of Golf's Majors including the Masters, Test cricket, Prizefighting boxing, NFL, Grand Slam tennis, Heineken Cup rugby and football from the UEFA Champions League and Barclays Premier League.

    Plus, there's content available, at no extra charge, on iPad, iPhone (3GS or above), laptops, PCs and Macs through Sky Go anywhere in the UK or Ireland wherever you have a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection.

    See the full Sky HD channel list

  • What are the features of the Sky+HD TV guide?

    The Now, Next and Later banner shows you information for all programmes on all channels, up to 12 hours ahead

    The Mini TV allows you to search the TV listings without having to miss a moment of the programme you're watching

    Record and Smart Series Link every new series of the shows you love - from start to finish - straight from the TV listings, without having to go back to your Planner.

    The Series Stack feature makes it even easier to manage the recordings in your Planner.

    The Search function allows you to search by programme title, genre or sub-genre.

    The Suggestions feature recommends TV shows and movies you might enjoy, based on your recordings and downloads. TO access this, your Sky+HD box must be connected to your broadband.


  • What is the Sky HD Multiscreen box?

    The Sky HD Multiscreen box comes free when you join Sky Multiscreen (£11.25 extra a month). It allows you to watch different TV channels from your Sky bundle, on different TVs at the same time.

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Reasons to join or switch to Sky

12 month standard TV contract


Installation usually within two weeks


Switching to Sky
is easy


Even more reasons to choose Sky


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Here's the legal bit

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  • Offers^

    Sky Sports 5: Available with Sky Sports Pack. Existing Sky Sports customers must activate Sky Sports 5. Box and set up costs may apply for new customers.

    Free box and £10 set-up: Excludes existing Sky+/Sky+HD box households. One free box and £10 set-up per household. Non-standard set-up may cost extra.

    12 months free broadband offer: Sky Network areas only. £6.95 router delivery charge. Available to new customers switching to Sky Broadband Unlimited, Sky Talk (Weekend £0 pm) and Line Rental who keep Sky TV with Sky Movies Pack for 12 months. If you cancel Sky Movies Pack, Sky Broadband Unlimited will be charged at its then standard monthly price (currently £7.50 with Sky Talk Weekend) for the remaining of the 12 months minimum term. Standard prices may increase during the offer period. Not available with any other offer. Sky Line rental (£16.40pm) required. Download speeds up to 17Mb – speeds vary significantly by location. Not available with any other offers.

    Sky Multiscreen setup offer: Free standard set-up when taking a new Sky Multiscreen subscription. First Multiscreen HD box is free with your first Multiscreen subscription, otherwise £49. Excludes existing Multiscreen/Multiroom box households. Limited to one free box and set up per household. Not available with other Sky TV offers. Not available with any other offers.

    Sky Go Extra 2 months free trial: Offer only for existing Sky TV customers who have not previously taken up the same offer. Excludes existing Sky Go Extra and Multiscreen customers. Content depends on your Sky TV package. Sky Movies Pack required for movies. Download selected content in the UK and Ireland via Wi-Fi. After 2 months you will continue to receive Sky Go Extra at £5pm extra unless you call us to cancel at least 31 days before the end of the 2 month period. Not available with other Sky TV offers.

    Choice of reward: Choice of £25 M&S voucher, £25 Tesco Gift Card, £25 Prepaid MasterCard® for new customers joining Sky TV. You must claim your reward online at within 90 days of your service being activated. One reward per household. M&S, Tesco or MasterCard® and further terms apply. Not available with any other Sky TV offer.

    New customer Sky Broadband Unlimited Marks and Spencer voucher offer: £50 M&S voucher only available to new customers joining Sky without Sky TV and taking Sky Broadband (Sky Line rental £16.40pm required). Only available online. One voucher per household. M&S terms apply. You must claim your voucher online at within 90 days of your services being activated.

    Sky TV Offer: New Sky TV customers joining with The Original Bundle. £10.75pm for first 6 months then £21.50 pm. Available for new UK residential customer joining Sky TV with a Sky TV Bundle. £10 set up fee applies. This offer cannot be used with any other TV offer.

    6 months half price Sky Movies: Sky TV from £21.50pm. Box and set-up required. Sky Movies £8.25 or £4.25 (with Sky Sports Pack) extra per month. After 6 months £16.50 or £8.50 (with Sky Sports pack) extra per month, unless you give us at least 31 days’ notice to cancel. Not available with other Sky TV offers. Comparison against online subscription services without Sky Movies using top 100 from UK box office over 12 months. See

    NOW TV: Content streamed. WiFi broadband, HDMI connection and NOW TV account required to activate box. Credit or debit card required to set up NOW TV account. All content passes sold separately. Wide selection of catch up TV available via TV apps. Some Apps (such as Spotify & Sky Store) cost extra. Entertainment Pass currently not available on YouView and Android devices. Not all content available on catch up or live channels. For content we can not show on live channels see Some content unavailable on live channels and/or some devices. See for device compatibility requirements.

    NOW TV Offer legals: Available in Sky network areas switching their broadband, calls & line rental to Sky. Broadband Unlimited & NOW TV Entertainment for 12 months. Sky line rental (£16.40pm) required. £6.95 router delivery charge. 12 month minimum subscriptions apply for Sky Broadband Unlimited + Sky Talk & Line Rental. Download speeds up to 16Mb – speeds vary significantly by location. Compatible line required otherwise £20 connection charge may apply. Not available with any other offers.

  • ‡Sky TV

    ‡ HD channels received depend on your Sky TV/HD subscription. BBC HD Channels, ITV HD (England & Wales only), Channel 4 HD, NHK World HD and RT HD are available without subscription.

    Sky TV Subscription: Packages £21.50-£66 per month (pm). Sky Movies Box Office and Sky Store costs extra. Sky News and Pick TV are available without subscription; Pick TV, Channel 4, Channel 5, 5 USA and 5* require a viewing card. Sky box and set-up required.

    Sky Movies comparison: Comparison against online movie subscription services without Sky Movies using top 100 from UK box office over 12 months. See

    Sky Multiscreen: Provides same Sky TV channels as main Sky TV subscription on another box. To receive Sky HD channels on your Multiscreen box you need a Sky HD box and the Family Bundle or other HD subscription pack. If you have home broadband, your Internet-enabled Sky boxes must be connected to your router if we’ve provided the equipment you need to connect (E.g. an On Demand connector). Multiscreen includes Sky Go Extra at no extra cost. Sky Go terms apply.

    Smart Series Link: Records your chosen series then the next and subsequent series in order. Unavailable on some older Sky+HD boxes.

    Remote Record: Use or a compatible device. Requests require up to 30 minutes notice before start of programme.

    WWF Sky Rainforest Rescue: All money raised through Sky Rainforest Rescue will be donated to WWF-UK, charity registered in England and Wales number 1081247 and in Scotland number SC039593. Sky will donate a further £1 to WWF-UK to match each £1 raised through Sky Rainforest Rescue. Sky will match donations to help reach the project target of £4million.

    Dolby Digital 5.1: Available on many programmes. Compatible home cinema system required.

    Money back guarantee: If you cancel Sky HD within one calendar month of activation, we will refund the cost of your box (but not any subscription or set up charges).


    On Demand: Available to Sky TV customers with compatible Sky+ box. Downloading content requires compatible black Sky+ box, broadband connection (minimum recommended speed 2 Mbps), On Demand self set-up using built in Wi-Fi or own cable.  Downloads count towards any usage caps and may expire from your Planner. Content depends on your Sky TV/HD subscription. Sky Store costs extra. Sky Movies 1&2 or Sky Sports 1&2 required for Sky Movies or Sky Sports. Sky+ subscribers without Sky TV can access BBC iPlayer only. Downloadable HD content takes longer to start viewing.
    Sky Box Office: Sky Box Office content costs extra. Pay per view charges apply. SBO 3D requires a 3DTV.
    Box Sets: Selection of shows/series available varies each month. Downloadable HD content takes longer to start viewing. The Family Bundle or another Sky HD subscription required for TV Box Sets. Monthly comparison against online and Pay TV UK subscription services based on shows for which the latest series is showing now or in the last 12 months or in the next 12 months from February 2014. See

    Sky Go: UK customers require a Sky HD or Family Bundle subscription to access TV Box Sets on Sky Go. UK / Ireland only. Streamed via broadband/3G/4G/WiFi (charges may apply). Available on two registered compatible devices (content may vary). Some live TV programmes will be unavailable (go to - For compatible device and software requirements click here. Sky Go is not currently compatible on PCs with Windows 8 or Macs with OS X Mountain Lion. Sky TV Customers: Selected live channels and on demand content available in line with your Sky TV subscription at no extra cost. You'll need Sky Movies 1&2 or Sky Sports 1&2 Packs for on demand Sky Movies or Sky Sports. Non-Sky TV Customers: Subscriptions £15-£40 pm. Monthly subscriptions renew automatically until you unsubscribe.

    Sky Go Extra: Sky TV customers only. No extra cost with Sky Multiscreen, otherwise £5 extra a month. Allow up to 24 hours for your account to be activated. 31 days' notice to cancel. Register up to 4 Sky Go devices. Concurrent online viewing on 2 devices. Download selected Sky Go content in the UK & Ireland via WiFi. Content depends on your Sky TV package. Movies/Sports Pack(s) required to download movies/sports. 2 downloads per programme. Content deleted from device 48 hours after viewing starts or no later than 30 days after download.

    Sky Sports/Sky Movies in HD: £5.25pm on top of your sports/movies subscription. Only available to Family Bundle customers.

    Sky 3D: 3DTV and activation required. Content available depends on your Sky TV/HD subscription (from £33pm). Pay per view content costs extra.

  • Sky boxes and set-up

    In the event you cancel your HD box, you will need to return the HD box to us before we can process a refund.

    Box set-up times currently average 7-10 days for new customers and may be longer for existing customers upgrading to Sky+HD (excludes Highlands & Islands, Channel Islands, Scottish Islands, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, ROI).

    Standard set-up of Sky+HD box is £25 when you join Sky TV online; free for existing customers with a new Multiscreen subscription (otherwise £60 or £15 for Sky+ customers selecting self set-up).

    Existing Sky TV customer:  Sky Broadband set-up fees for existing Sky TV customers £60 for Lite, £30 for Connect or free for Unlimited. £30 set-up fee for Connect for customers without Sky TV.

    Self set-up: Available to Sky+ customers for £15. Self set-up must be completed within 31 days of receipt.

    Sky+HD box: Existing Sky+ box households are not eligible for a discounted box unless taking the Family Bundle. Existing customers must agree to new 12 month minimum term for Sky TV. One free/discounted box per household.  Sky+HD box up to £199 if you are not eligible for discounted price (Sky TV subscription required). A Sky+HD box has all the features of Sky+ and can store an average of 60 hours of HD or 185 hours of standard definition programmes. To view free-to-air HD content you need an HD ready TV. To view Sky HD content you will also need the Family Bundle and, for Sky Sports/Sky Movies in HD, the HD Pack (£5.25 a month on top of your sports/movies subscription).

    Sky+HD 2TB box: Existing Sky TV customers who have never had a Sky+HD box taking the Family Bundle and existing Sky TV customers with the Family Bundle or other Sky HD subscription adding their first Sky Multiscreen (£11.25pm per box) are entitled to one Sky+HD 2TB box for £49. Existing Sky TV customers with the Family Bundle or other Sky HD subscription and new customers joining Sky TV with the Family Bundle are entitled to one Sky+HD 2TB box for £149. One discounted 1TB or 2TB box per household. Additional Sky+HD 2TB boxes £249 per box. Customers taking Sky TV without the Family Bundle and customers purchasing a standalone 2TB box without Sky TV can get a Sky+HD 2TB box for £249. Standard set-up £30 for new customers and £60 for existing Sky TV customers. Non-standard set-up may cost extra. Sky+HD 2TB box provides 1.5TB of personal storage and 0.5TB of storage for On Demand Showcase content.

    Sky HD Multiscreen box: Sky HD Multiscreen box is the SkyHD standard Digibox (No PVR functionality) which along with a Sky TV and Sky Multiscreen subscription (£11.25 extra a month) gives your Sky TV subscription in another room. First box free for new and existing customers when taken with their first Sky Multiscreen/Multiroom subscription and paying for set-up. Limited to one free box per household (and not available to customers who have already received a free standard box) otherwise £49. Replacement boxes are £99.

    You do not have to subscribe to Sky TV - available directly from Sky call centre (standard set up £120) - limited to one per household.

  • General and further terms

    Subject to status. Upfront payment may be required. Prices may go up during your subscription. Non-standard set-up may cost extra. Prices may vary if you live in a flat. Sky+ functionality requires two satellite feeds. You must get any consents required (e.g. landlord's). Prices for Direct Debit payments only. Continuous debit/credit card mandate costs 50p pm.

    UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man residential customers only. These offers are not available with any other offers. Further terms apply. Calls to Sky cost 5.1p per minute (plus 15p connection fee) for BT customers. Calls from other providers may vary. Correct at 7 November 2014. The full text of our customer contracts can be found here.

    Calls to Sky contact centres are free for Sky Talk customers. Calls to 03 numbers are the same as 01 and 02 numbers. If 08 or 03 numbers are not included in your call package, for 08 numbers BT customers pay 9p/min and 15p connection and for 03 numbers 5.1p/min and 15p connection. Calls from other providers will vary.

    Contact us if you wish to cancel during your cooling off period.