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    Available to all Sky TV customers with a compatible Sky+HD box.

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Sky Store

  • What do I get?

  • The latest blockbusters ready to watch in Sky Store. Just buy or rent them whenever you want.

    Now you can Buy & Keep your favourite movies across your laptop, tablet and mobile devices. Plus, we'll send you the original DVD in the post.

    We add the newest blockbusters every week, so there’s always something great to buy or rent. You don’t even need to be a Sky TV customer.

    Download the Sky Store App for Android/iOS so you can stream your movies or download them to watch offline.

  • Get the complete experience

    As well as getting movies straight to your TV in stunning HD, you can now Buy or rent across your compatible laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

    With Sky Store you can register up to four devices - if you reach your device limit, you can swap an existing device for a new one. If you are a Sky TV customer, every movie you buy can also be sent to your Sky+HD box.

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  • Sky Store is
    open to everyone

    Not a Sky TV customer? No problem.
    You can now buy or rent movies online on SkyStore.com or on a NOW TV, Roku and YouView box.

    Sign up on www.skystore.com
    using your Sky iD and you can watch movies whenever you want, however you want.

    To access Sky Store via your TV, make sure your Buy & Keep compatible Sky +HD box is connected to your home broadband network and select Sky Store on your homepage.

    • How do I get Sky Store?
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New Buy & Keep

Movies straight to your TV, across your devices, and the DVD direct to your home.

Sky Store: What's on?
What's on Sky Store?

See what's available to buy or rent in Sky Store this month.

How do I get Sky Store?
How do I get Sky Store?

You don't have to be a Sky TV customer to watch movies in Sky Store.

Get Sky Store
Get Sky Store

Buy and rent movies direct to a compatible Sky+HD box. Or visit SkyStore.com