• New: Buy & Keep
    comes to Sky Store

    Hollywood blockbusters and classic family favourites
    are now available to buy and keep forever.

  • Ways to Watch

    Available to all Sky TV customers with a compatible Sky+HD box.

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New: Buy & Keep

  • Buy movies now to keep forever

    You can already rent movies and now you can buy them to keep forever too. Use your Sky remote to buy and keep movies in HD on your Sky+HD box. And when you buy from us, we send you the DVD in the post too. That's The Sky Difference.

  • Your very own movie library

    Finding the movies you love is easy. Sky Store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so whatever you're in the mood for, you'll find a movie to watch without having to leave home to buy it.

    Once you download your movie, it's yours to watch whenever you want. And there's no need to worry about using up space on your Sky+HD box - you can archive the movies you buy and add them back to your Planner later.

    Don't forget, we send you the original DVD in the post, so it's easy to build your movie collection.

    • See what's on Sky Store
  • Buy movies using
    your Sky remote

    Just press TV Guide on your Sky remote and select Sky Store.

    Once inside, you can choose movies in HD to buy or rent, from New Releases, Most Popular, Action, Comedy, Family, and more - it’s up to you.

    If you haven't already, you'll need to connect your compatible Sky+HD box to your broadband.

    • How do I access Sky Store?
What is Sky Store?
What is Sky Store?

Buy and rent many of the latest DVD releases straight to your TV, whenever you want.

How do I get Sky Store?
How do I get Sky Store?

To access movies from Sky Store, simply connect your compatible Sky+HD box to your broadband.

Sky Store: What's on
Sky Store: What's on

See what's available to buy or rent on Sky Store this month.

Get Sky Store
Get Sky Store

Buy and rent movies direct to a compatible Sky+HD box.

Available with any Sky TV bundle when you connect your Sky+HD box to your broadband.

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