• TV that fits
    around you

    Enjoy Sky TV on the big screen in different rooms,
    at the same time.

  • Ways to Watch

    £11.25 extra a month with any
    Sky TV bundle (from £21.50 a month)

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Sky Multiscreen Features

  • What do I get?

  • Watch different Sky channels in a different room at home, at the same time.

    Everyone can watch the TV they love, so no one has to miss a thing.

    Download popular shows and movies, depending on your Sky TV subscription, to your compatible devices to watch anywhere.

    Watch your favourite movies & sports in HD, depending on your subscription, on more than one screen.

  • Sky Multiscreen

    Nobody has to miss out on the TV they love from Sky. Watch top entertainment shows and movies depending on your Sky TV subscription on the big screen in another room.

    Sky Multiscreen lets you watch what you want, when you want, no matter what is showing on the main TV.

  • The Sky HD Multiscreen box

    Our nifty Sky HD Multiscreen box is the perfect partner to your main Sky box for Sky TV in another room.

    • 7-day programme guide: To help you explore what you want to watch.
    • Set reminders: So you never miss your favourite shows.
    • Parental controls: Ensure your kids only watch what's suitable for them
    • HD and 3D ready: The Sky HD Multiscreen box is ready for stunning high definition and amazing Sky 3D.

    More about the Sky HD Multiscreen box

Sky Multiscreen: The facts
Sky Multiscreen: The facts

Find out what you need to watch Sky TV in different rooms.

Sky HD Multiscreen box
Sky HD Multiscreen box

Find out more about the Sky HD Multiscreen box.

Sky Go Extra
Sky Go Extra

Download popular TV shows via WiFi on mobiles, laptops and selected tablets.

Buy Sky Go Extra with Sky Multiscreen
Get Sky Go Extra with Sky Multiscreen

Sky Multiscreen is £11.25 a month* and includes Sky Go Extra at no additional cost.

For more information and full pricing, choose an option below:

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Here's the legal bit

Boardwalk Empire SM, under licence from Home Box Office, Inc. © Disney. Gene Page/AMC. The Flash ©2014 Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. *Sky Multiscreen £11.25 extra a month per additional box. Sky TV (from £21.50 a month) required. Sky Go Extra included at no extra cost. Sky HD Multiscreen box: Sky HD Multiscreen box is the SkyHD standard Digibox (No PVR functionality) which along with a Sky TV and Sky Multiscreen subscription (£11.25 extra pm) gives your Sky TV subscription in another room. The Family Bundle is required to access HD channels. Provides same Sky TV channels as main Sky TV subscription on another box. To receive HD Pack channels on your Multiscreen box you need a Sky HD box and HD Pack subscription (only one HD Pack subscription required per household). Sky+HD 2TB box: Sky+HD 2TB box provides 1.5TB of personal storage and 0.5TB of storage for On Demand Showcase content.