Sky Broadband & Talk

  • Sky Broadband & Talk

    Totally unlimited broadband

    To celebrate Disney Pixar's Toy Story That Time Forgot coming to Sky Movies Disney, we are giving away Sky Broadband Unlimited free for 12 months when you join or upgrade to Sky Movies.

  • Sky Broadband

    With Sky Fibre Unlimited, Sky Broadband Unlimited & Lite, we'll never slow your speeds down at peak times, no matter how much you use.

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  • Sky Talk & Line Rental

    Choose between our three call packages with low cost Sky Line Rental, for even better value from Sky.

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  • Sky Broadband Shield

    Choose the websites you want and block the ones you don't. Works across the devices that are connected to your Sky Broadband.

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  • Sky WiFi

    Sky Broadband Unlimited, Connect or Fibre Unlimited customer can stay online at no extra cost with Sky WiFi.

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