Call Features

  • Sky Talk Call Features

    If you are a Sky Line Rental customer then you can benefit from some great inclusive and subscription call features.

    The following features are included as standard:


    141 Number Withhold
    Dial 141 to hide your number from the person you are calling
    No extra charge
    1471 Last Caller
    Discover who phoned you last
    No extra charge
    Automatic Number Withhold
    The number is never shown when you make a call. Only activated upon request.
    No extra charge
    1470 Withheld Number Override
    If you have chosen to automatically withhold your number, dial 1470 to override this function
    No extra charge
    1475 Last Caller Deletion
    Remove the last caller from your 1471 list
    No extra charge


    Handy optional extras

    Want more features? The optional extras are available for a little extra. They will simply be added to your Sky bill.

    Standard Voicemail1
    Callers can leave a message if you don't answer or if your line is engaged
    £1 per month
    Caller Display
    See who's calling before you answer
    No extra charge
    Call Diversion
    Divert calls to another landline or mobile number, so you never miss a call***
    £2.50 per month***
    Call Waiting
    Find out if someone's trying to get through so you can put one call on hold while you take another
    £2.50 per month
    Reminder Call
    Set up and incoming alarm call
    £2.50 per month
    Ring Back*
    If a number's engaged, request a ring back call when the number becomes free*
    £2.50 per month
    Three-Way Calling
    Speak to two people at the same time
    £2.50 per month
    Last Caller Barring
    Bar incoming calls from the last number - block up to 10 numbers in your phone
    £3.35 per month
    Anonymous Caller Reject
    Reject calls when the number is withheld
    £4.00 per month
    Text - UK Fixed and Mobile**
    Send text messages from a text enabled phone to fixed lines in the UK & mobiles**
    10.5p per use
    Voicemail Plus2
    Lets you record a personalised greeting, store 30 messages and access your messages from any phone
    £2.50 per month

    *Not available on Sky’s network

    **May not be available in some areas

    ***Call Diversion: The diverted part of the call is charged to the Sky Talk customer at the standard Sky Talk rate depending on the type of phone the call is diverted to, e.g. mobile. The person calling is charged for a standard UK landline call and will be charged as normal by their calls provider.

    1New messages are stored for 30 days and 20 days once listened to.

    2Messages are stored for 30 days.

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