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Your transfer to Sky's network

Your New Sky Contract

Please take a few moments to carefully read this section as it relates to your Sky Broadband and/or Talk subscription contract(s). If any changes have been made to your contracts since you joined Sky, these will have been notified to you separately. Please contact us if you would like further details.

If you only have one of the products (broadband or home phone) from O2/BE, please ignore the sections below that do not apply to you.

Your new terms will come into effect from the date on which we move you to the Sky network and your Sky services are activated. We will send you confirmation letting you know when your service has been switched.

Your contract(s) will be with Sky UK Limited (“Sky”) which will be responsible for providing you with your services.

Your services are for private domestic use only and must not be used for any commercial or business purposes. Sky will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from a breach of this condition.

If your home phone is moving to Sky, your telephone directory status shall remain the same as it was with O2/BE. If you wish to change your details please contact us on the telephone number below.

If you have taken a static IP address, please note that your IP address will be reassigned to Sky or another Sky customer if your Sky Broadband is disconnected, suspended or terminated for any reason. Your old static IP address will not be available to you again if your service is reactivated or you subsequently return to Sky Broadband.

The way in which we use your personal data is explained in the enclosed applicable Sky Broadband and/or Sky Talk Contract(s) in the sections headed “How information we hold about you can be used”. We want to reassure you that your existing marketing preferences will remain unchanged unless you are an existing Sky customer in which case your existing Sky preferences will apply. If you wish to change your preferences please contact us on the telephone number provided below.

We will continue to contact you, including in relation to any notices we are required to provide under your new Sky Broadband and/or Talk contracts(s), using your existing contact details unless you are an existing Sky customer in which case your existing Sky contact details will apply. Clause 13 of the enclosed Sky Broadband and/or Talk terms and conditions explains how Sky shall give you notice under the contract(s). If you wish to change your contact details please contact us.

If you are taking Sky Broadband Unlimited, Sky Broadband Unlimited Pro or fibre optic Sky Broadband with Sky Talk, where possible your services will be provided on Sky’s own fully unbundled network which means that if you cancel or switch either service to another provider, both of your services will be cancelled at the same time.

Remotely monitored security alarm, social alarm and Telecare services utilise your phone line. If you have one of these services and your home phone is transferring to Sky Talk it is your responsibility to ensure it is compatible. You should contact us straightaway on 08448 245 480 to ensure your service is not affected.


Changes to both the Sky Broadband and Sky Talk Contracts:

• You will not be subject to a minimum term for your services when we move you to Sky. However, you will be subject to a minimum term if you choose to take up one of our special offers and transfer your services over to Sky earlier than the switchover date.

• The cancellation rights set out in the section "Your rights to cancel" also apply to you.


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Sky Broadband Terms and Conditions

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Sky Talk Terms and Conditions

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