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  • Sky Mobile Terms and Conditions

    This page contains key facts (below) as well as links to some important information about the Sky Mobile subscriptions and services for new customers in the United Kingdom, including the Sky Mobile terms and conditions (PDF) (for access to mobile calls, texts and data services). Please take a few minutes to read this important information carefully.

    If you have any questions or want to talk about any of this, please contact us.


    Your Sky Mobile services and contract


    • Your Sky Mobile services are for your personal use as a consumer and are separate to any other Sky services you have.
    • A 12 month minimum term applies to your Sky Mobile service.
    • If you end your Sky Mobile contract in your minimum term, you may have to pay us an early termination charge. You may be able to reduce this by changing data plan or removing recurring optional extras before you terminate.
    • We may charge this, and any other one-off payment you owe us, to the card you used to pay for any upfront payment.
    • Your cancellation rights will be sent to you with your full terms and conditions. You agree your Sky services may start during your cooling off period, you may still cancel your services within this but you'll need to pay for any services used up to that point (e.g. call costs).
    • Your new contract for each order will be posted to your online account. Create a SkyiD to log in from sky.com. If you already have products or services from Sky Mobile, your existing contract(s) remain unchanged unless we tell you otherwise.
    • You must activate your SIM card within 31 days of receipt.
    • Your Sky Mobile services should be available within 24 hours of you activating the SIM card. Details about how to activate your SIM card will be sent with your SIM.
    • Phones and other devices we supply may be locked to our network. Visit Sky Help to find out if they are and, if so, when you can unlock your device and any fees you may have to pay.
    • Unless you have bought your device from us, please ensure your device is unlocked before you activate your Sky SIM. It can take several days for your current network to do this. If you activate your SIM when your device is locked, you will not be able to use calls and texts with Sky Mobile.
    • If you have purchased a ‘Like New’ phone, it comes with a 12 month Sky warranty against faults arising in the first 12 months from the date of purchase. For more information, including how to report a fault, see our help article on Sky Mobile warranty information.
    • If 'roam assist' or 'dial assist' are enabled on your device (see your settings), please carefully check the number you're calling to avoid making an international call by mistake. UK numbers should start 0044 or +44 (not 0046 or +46).
    • As this is a mobile service, it may not be available everywhere in the UK and in some places it is only available at certain times. Several factors could impact your coverage, for example, weather and geographic conditions or your location.
    • You can check your predicted network coverage in your area using our Coverage Checker.
    • Unfortunately, there may be some rare occasions where our services will not work for you whilst you are abroad. You can check your current service availability in a particular destination before you travel by contacting us on 03442 414141. Wi-Fi calling is not currently supported outside the UK.
    • Please take care when using Sky Mobile services close to borders as you might pick up another network. You can stop this by changing the settings on your device so it selects 'National roaming only' or the 'Sky' network in the data roaming settings.
    • Beware of automatic uncontrolled data roaming and downloads. You can switch off data roaming in your device settings.
    • Use Wi-Fi calling to make/send and receive calls and texts over a wireless internet connection (for example, home broadband). If you make an emergency call using Wi-Fi calling (999), we’ll use a normal mobile network first. If there's no signal, we’ll try using Wi-Fi but the emergency services can’t identify your location automatically so you will need to tell them where you are.
    • Wi-Fi calling will not work if the broadband connection fails or it loses power. You should keep a fixed line for emergency calls and never rely solely on Wi-Fi calling for these (only use Wi-Fi calling as a last resort). Please take a look at the Help section on sky.com for more information about Wi-Fi calling.
    • Unused data will be rolled over into your piggybank at the end of each billing period. You can choose to redeem this in increments of 1GB. Accumulated data expires after 3 years.
    • For security reasons SIM Cards may be replaced from time to time. If this happens we will tell you in advance and send a replacement.
    • Once your Sky Mobile services are active, it may take up to 24 hours to enable access to Sky+ recordings on your mobile. Downloads are not available via 3G or 4G.
    • Sky+ and Sky Go apps required to access Sky+ recordings on your mobile.


    Paying for your services


    • We will bill you monthly in advance for all your data plan(s) and any recurring optional extras you have. Other charges, such as add-ons or non-inclusive call/text charges will be billed in arrears. Any offers will be shown on your statement.
    • You are responsible for all activity using your services unless you tell us someone is not authorised to use them before charges are incurred.
    • You can view your bill at least 3 days before your monthly payment due date, make payments and manage your account through sky.com.
    • Your Sky Mobile bill will be separate to your bill for any other Sky services.
    • Prices may increase and services may vary, including during your minimum term. If we increase your monthly subscription price you may cancel your subscription without early termination charge. Other prices and services may also vary. We will let you know about any material changes before we make them. Details of call rates and optional charges can be found on sky.com.
    • The access charge for calls to 0845, 0870 and other 'service numbers' is 45p a minute.
    • Unlimited Calls and Texts gives you inclusive calls and texts to UK landlines (01, 02 and 03) and UK mobile numbers (07). Excludes Channel Islands, Isle of Man, indirect access and 070/076 numbers. This is subject to our acceptable and fair use policies.
    • Sky TV customers can get Unlimited Calls and Texts for free (standard price applies on TV cancellation, currently £10 per month.
    • With our International Saver, you get discounted rates for calls and texts to over 60 popular international destinations (to both landline and mobile numbers). See our tariff guide for full details.
    • Recurring optional extras (Unlimited Calls and Texts and the International Saver) stay on your account each month until cancelled.
    • Please take a look at our tariff guide to see how much non-inclusive calls you make or texts you send will cost you, including our roaming rates. You can also see how much it will cost you to use our call forwarding service.
    • For your protection, some spend limits apply to each SIM card on your account. If you have multiple SIMs, higher total charges may be incurred. You can manage the spend on your Sky Mobile account via sky.com.
    • We will send you confirmation of your Direct Debit agreement separately.




    • If you buy a device from us, you will automatically be enrolled in our 'Swap12', 'Swap24' or 'Swap36' equipment upgrade programme (we'll confirm which one when you place your order). This gives you the option to sell your device back to us at any time during the agreed Swap window.
    • When you purchase your equipment we will give you a Swap option price. You can check this at any time on sky.com or by asking us.
    • Before you confirm you want to Swap, we'll tell you how much we'll buy your device back for and the impact this will have on any loan you have from us.
    • See our Sky Mobile terms and conditions (PDF) for more information about Swap, including why the Swap option price may be different from the final price we offer for your device (for example, if the device is damaged or the market value adjustment applies).
    • If your device is in full working order (with no damage), the market value adjustment does not apply and you exercise the Swap option as soon as you are eligible, the price we pay for it will be the same as the Swap option price we give you when you first buy your device.
    • See our Swap help article for more information.







    • The personal information we have collected from you will be shared with fraud prevention agencies who will use it to prevent fraud and money laundering and to verify your identity. If fraud is detected, you could be refused certain services, finance or employment. Read our help article to find out how your information will be used by us, as well as information on these fraud prevention agencies, and your data protection rights.
    • Sky may use your contact details to contact you about content, products and services that we think you'd like, including for a reasonable period after you cease to be a Sky customer. By becoming a customer, you are agreeing to this unless you opt out by calling us on 03442 414141 or by changing your preferences via your online account.
    • If you want to keep your number, you'll need a PAC code from your current provider.
    • We may send notices to your mobile number. If you give your SIM or device to someone else, you should ensure they tell you about any notices they receive.


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