Why Sky Mobile

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Explore a world of possibilities and switch to our award-winning network.

  • Your spare data rolls over for up to 3 years
  • Watch Sky TV on the go, without using your data
  • Simply text to switch. It’s that easy

Why Choose Sky Mobile


Your data is yours to keep.
Long gone are the days that your spare data disappears at the end of each month. With Sky Mobile, your spare data is rolled over into your Sky Piggybank, ready for you to use when you need it so you can:
  • Use it later if you ever run short
  • Share with up to 7 SIMs on your account
  • Exchange for money off a new phone

Whether it's your first SIM or you’re adding a family member to your account, there’s always a reason to join Sky Mobile.


Stream Sky apps without using your data.
Never miss a moment with Sky Mobile. Enjoy unlimited streaming on Sky apps, including:
  • Sky Go
  • Sky Store
  • Sky News
  • And many more

Whether you’ve got a smartphone or a tablet, keep the kids entertained with their favourite shows, stay up to date with the latest matches and immerse yourself in action-packed films, all without using your data.


Hassle free switching.
There’s no need to speak to your old provider before joining Sky Mobile, all you need to do is:
1. Choose a data plan that’s right for you and we’ll send your new Sky Mobile SIM
2. Text PAC to 65075 to get your switching code within 60 seconds
3. Go to sky.com/shop/mobile/activation and activate your new Sky Mobile SIM by entering your switching code.

If you’re not ready to switch but want to find out more about your existing contract with your current provider, text INFO to 85075.


Swap to a new phone or tablet whenever you want, before your contract ends.
When picking your phone contract, choose from:
  • Swap24, our most popular choice. This is a 36-month contract allowing you to swap to a new phone anytime after 31 days, or swap from month 24 with no extra costs
  • Swap12, a 24-month contract allowing you to swap to a new phone anytime after 31 days or with no extra costs from month 12

If you swap before month 24 (Swap36) or month 12 (Swap24) of your contract there may be an additional payment if the value of your phone doesn’t cover your remaining contract.

For tablets, choose between Swap24 (a 36-month contract) or Swap36 (a 42-month contract).

Ready to swap? All you need to do is…
1. Select the phone you want to swap and choose your new one
2. Send your current phone back to us once you’ve got your shiny new one
3. We’ll put the value of your old phone towards your current contract


Change your data plan whenever you like.
Your data use can change month-to-month so with Sky Mobile create a plan that’s flexible and just right for you. If you need more or less data, simply choose a new plan via the My Sky App.
  • If you’re mixing to a bigger data plan, you’ll be able to access your new plan straight away
  • If you’re reducing your data, it will change on your next bill date.

And of course, all plans come with free unlimited calls and texts.

How we compare with other Networks

Sky MobileEEThreeVodafone
Keep spare data with every plan for up to 3 years
Exchange spare data for rewards and discounts
Unlimited streaming on Sky apps with any plan
Unlimited calls and texts with any plan
UK call centres
99% Network Coverage