Your new and improved Sky+

24 February 2016  

Sky+ is being updated to bring lots of improvements to existing features in your Sky Guide, to make your experience with Sky even better. If your Sky+HD box is compatible, you’ll receive this update over the next few months.

To make the most of the fantastic new features, please make sure your compatible Sky+HD box is connected to your home broadband network. We think you'll love them all but we've highlighted a few below and there are loads more for you to discover.

It’s now easier to watch Box Sets
Download an entire Box Set

Download All

We've made it easier to download a whole Box Set. Just select a series to download and the entire stack will move to your Planner. The first two episodes will then download and the rest will be listed as ‘pending’ and won’t use any of your Planner space. When you start watching the Box Set, the next episode will automatically be downloaded so there’s always an episode waiting to watch in your Planner.

Easily watch the next episode in a series

Watch Next

Easily watch the next episode of a series from your Planner. Towards the end of a show, if you have selected ‘Download All’ or have the next episode downloaded in your Planner, you'll see an onscreen prompt to ‘Watch next episode’. Pressing green will immediately start playing the next episode.

Great movie features
Watch a movie from the start


Missing the beginning of a movie is a thing of the past. You can press green during a film on any Sky Movies channel to download it to your Planner and restart it from the beginning. 

Check the expiry dates on movies


With Watchlist you can create your own personal ist of movies you want to watch at a later time.

Other improvements
More images added to your Planner

More images

We’ve added images to Search results, Box Sets and New Series & Suggestions in Top Picks. 

When will my Sky+HD box be updated?

We’ll be updating all compatible Sky+HD boxes over the next few months, so you might see these new features on your TV before or after your friends. Once you check your model number, you’ll be able to find when to expect your update using the table below.











On Demand: Downloads take several minutes or longer to start viewing if your broadband speed is less than 6 Mbps (HD) or 2Mbps (SD). Downloads count towards any broadband usage cap and may expire from your Planner. Sky Movies Pack required for Sky Movies. Box Sets: Selection of shows/series available and varies each month and requires Family Bundle or another Sky HD subscription.