Sky+HD 2TB box with remote record
Built-in Wi-Fi now standard on our new Sky+HD boxes

9 September 2013

We’re making it easier than ever for you to start enjoying the TV you want when you want it. That’s because all our new Sky+HD and Sky+HD 2TB boxes now have built in Wi-Fi. So they’ll connect to your home broadband network in just a few button pushes. There’s no need for wires or additional connectors. 
Then you’ll be ready to open the world of On Demand, which puts you in control of the TV you love. On Demand comes with Catch Up TV, in case you’ve recently missed something unmissable. It’s the UK’s biggest catch up service, and there’s plenty to choose from – our Sky channels, BBC iPlayer, ITV on demand, 4oD, Fox, Demand 5 and much more, at no extra cost, in line with your Sky subscription. Choose the TV you want when you want it. 
And if you have the Entertainment Extra+ pack or HD Pack, On Demand is your ticket to TV Box Sets – loads of them – that include many of our award-winning shows. Whether you’re new to Game of Thrones missed what Peggy did next in the last series of Mad Men or fancy laughing at An Idiot Abroad one more time, you can settle down and watch as much as you can whenever you like. 
Find out how you can upgrade to a new Sky+HD box, including the new 2TB box. It’ll enable you to record even more of the shows you love in full HD – around 350 hours vs. about 60 on our standard Sky+HD box. 
And remember, you can use an On Demand Connector or Ethernet cable to link your Sky+ box to your home broadband network for On Demand if you’re happy with your current Sky+HD box.