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12 December 2012

There’s a brand new update for the Sky+ app that’ll help you get even more from On Demand, including Catch Up TV. Simply connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to your home network to browse, search and download hours of fantastic entertainment to your Sky+ box to enjoy whenever you’re ready. It means you can do it all without opening the Sky Guide and interrupting the TV you’re already watching.


Because of this amazing new update, you can even use the app to start playing On Demand shows on your TV. But you can still use the app for all the familiar functions that have made it such a hit with Sky TV customers, like Remote Record and TV recommendations.


And it’s available at no extra cost to your monthly subscription.


Here’s what’s new.

Sky+ app On Demand listings
Browse full On Demand listings

Connect the Sky+ app to your home broadband network and your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch will quickly become an indispensable part of your On Demand experience.


Browse or search On Demand’s massive TV Library to discover hours of unmissable entertainment. Plus, there are hundreds of movies to choose from if you have Sky Movies.


From classic comedy to quirky documentaries, top TV box sets to one-off specials, you’ll be able to find them with a swipe of the touchscreen. Then, download them to your Sky+HD box without interrupting your TV viewing. 


So while your resident football fan is enjoying a great night of UEFA Champions League football, you can search for something to watch afterwards without bringing up the Sky Guide. In fact, you don’t even have to be in the same room.

Sky+ app Catch Up screen -Idiot Abroad
Check out Catch Up

If you live in the UK, the app is the perfect companion to our Catch Up service. Use it to discover the last seven days’ TV from ITV Player and Demand 5, or the last 14 days from our Sky Channels including Sky Sports if it’s part of your TV package.


Record last week’s An Idiot Abroad from your bed using your iPad. Or download Sunday’s afternoon’s kick-off while you’re watching Monday night’s match using your iPhone without missing a second of the action.


It’ll all be stored on your Sky+ box, ready for you to watch when you’re ready. And when it’s time to watch, you can start playing your downloads with a tap of the app.


Plus, we’ve given each channel a distinct look to help you find what you’re looking for easily, too. 


Sky+ app Showcase
Home network not required

Of course you can use the Sky+ app even when you’re not connected to your home network. It’s still a brilliant way to set up recordings on your Sky+ box when you’re out and about, so you’ll never miss the TV you love to watch.


You can still browse the On Demand listings and discover full series box sets in TV Library. So it's easy to plan your evening's TV while you're on the train home.


Plus the Sky+ app's TV recommendations can still help you uncover a gem of a show you never considered watching. Or you can easily search for a show that everyone's talking about. And you’ll be sure never to miss a single episode. 


What do I need to get started?

To start using these great new features:

1. You'll need a compatible Sky+HD box with the new Sky Guide 

2. Connect your compatible Sky+HD box to your home broadband network using either an Ethernet cable or Wireless Connector

3. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the same broadband network. 

You’ll need version 5 or later of the operating system (iOS). 





More about the update

All our Sky+HD boxes (except the Thomson model) have now been updated with the new Sky Guide and will be able to connect to the Sky+ app.

We're working hard to bring these features to Android devices, but currently they're not available on that platform. 






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