Introducing the new Sky+ app for iPhone

13 November 2012

We’ve added some amazing new features to the Sky+ app that will change the way you enjoy your Sky TV.


With the Sky+ app, you’ll now be able to control what you’re watching on TV using your iPhone or iPod Touch, just like on the iPad version.


That includes pausing or rewinding live TV, changing channel, managing your Planner and more, with just a tap or swipe of your finger. 


Plus we’ve made all the familiar features you love even simpler to use. It’s a fun, convenient and easy way to make the most of Sky+.

Sky+ app remote control
Use your iPhone as a remote control

Let the new Sky+ app become your TV’s virtual remote control. As you’re enjoying your Sky TV, just tap the remote control icon in the top right corner of your iPhone or iPod Touch screen and you'll have the power at your fingertips.

It's all about touch: tap or swipe the screen to pause, rewind or fast forward the action. Fancy watching something else? Use the virtual keypad to enter a channel number, swipe up or down to change channel, or tap your desired channel’s logo. It's that simple.

Sky+ app upgrade
Manage your Planner

You don’t need to manage your Planner using your TV anymore. Now you can do it all with the Sky+ app so there’s no interruption to your Sky TV viewing experience.

You’ll be able to see details of all your recordings on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Effortlessly scroll through to find what you’d like to watch. When you’re ready to view, just tap the Watch button and the show will begin playing on your TV.

You can also check for upcoming reminders or recordings, and with a tap, even delete anything you’d no longer like to keep.

Previous functions
Your perfect viewing companion

The app is a brilliant way to discover something new to watch. Use the iPhone in-app keyboard to search the TV Guide and Planner, or check for hourly recommendations from the seven-day TV Guide.


Also, we’ll recommend shows that you may like, and give you a convenient choice of times to watch or record them.  


Plus we’ve made the Sky+ app even easier to use for familiar functions like adding reminders and recording requests.


What do I need to get started?

To start using these great new features, you’ll need:  

1. A compatible Sky+HD box with the new Sky Guide 

2. A connection between your Sky+HD box and your home broadband network ( wired or wireless

3. An iPhone or iPod Touch with the Sky+ app installed connected to your home broadband network 

You’ll need version 5 or later of the operating system (iOS). 





More about the update

All our Sky+HD boxes (except the Thomson model) have now been updated with the new Sky Guide and will be able to connect to the Sky+ app.

We're working hard to bring these features to Android devices, but currently they're not available on that platform. 






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