Get even more from Sky+ with the Sky+ app

Fresh from a recent update, we’ve made the Sky+ app for iPad even better. Working with leading technology company zeebox, we’ve added the Discover More feature, which will take your TV viewing experience to a whole new level.


Also, the app will now automatically warn you if you risk missing out on a recording because you’ve set up another one to begin at the same time. 


And there are still all the great features from before, like managing your Planner using the app and the ability to control what you’re watching on TV using your iPad.


Here’s what’s new.

Sky+ app Discover More feature
Discover More

With the zeebox-powered Discover More feature, you can truly get stuck into the shows you love.


On the programme page of the TV show you’re watching, tap the Discover More button for the lowdown on featured actors or topics mentioned through dynamically updated Zeetags.


You’ll also find links to news stories about the show, and to iTunes to find the most popular related music, books, apps and more.


There’s seamless Twitter integration too, so you can be right at the heart of the online buzz. Shout out to friends about what you’re watching or check the live Twitter feed to see what other TV fans are saying about a show.


Or if Twitter isn’t your thing, just turn the feed off. You can even set Twitter parental controls for family friendly feeds only, straight from the settings in the Sky+ app.


To get this feature, you don’t need to be connected to your Sky+HD box. You’ll just need to make sure your iPad has connection to the internet.

Sky+ app Prevent Recording Clashes
Manage your recordings

You’ll be able to manage your recordings more easily with the latest update. The app now warns you automatically if you’ve accidentally set up several recordings to happen at the same time. Just make sure you’ve got the new Sky Guide and that your Sky+HD box and iPad are connected to the same broadband network.


Furthermore, the Sky+ app will recommend alternative times to view or record the shows, so you won’t miss a thing. It’ll make recording clashes a thing of the past.

Using iPad as a remote control with Sky+ app
Plus your favourite new features

You can still make the most of your Sky TV with the cutting-edge features we added in the last update. Use your iPad as a TV remote control, to pause, rewind or fast-forward recorded or live shows, even change channel.


Or manage your Planner using the Sky+ app on your iPad. Check your upcoming recordings, delete shows and tap Watch to play your recorded programmes on your TV. Do it all from your iPad without interrupting your Sky TV viewing.


What do I need to get started?

To get started with these great new functions, you’ll need three things:

  • 1.      The new Sky Guide on your Sky+HD box 
  • 2.      A Sky+HD box connected to your home broadband network
  • 3.      An iPad with the Sky+ app installed and connected to your home broadband network. Make sure your iPad has iOS 5 or later installed.

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More about the update

Our latest Sky+HD boxes (model DRX890) and Sky+HD 1TB boxes already use new Sky Guide and will be able to connect to the Sky+ app. Most older Sky+HD boxes will be updated at a later date. Thomson boxes will not be updated. 


If you're not sure whether you have the latest model, visit our Help and Support pages for how to find out.


This update does not apply to the Sky+ app for iPhone, iPod Touch or Android smartphones.

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