Netflix coming to Sky Q

Ultimate On Demand brings you the best TV all in one place from Sky and Netflix

Sky Box Sets & Netflix together in one pack for the first time
Over 1,000 shows on demand, in stunning HD
Just €16 a month with Sky Q

Experience Ultimate On Demand

Find more of what you love and discover new gems with Sky and Netflix side by side on Sky Q

Download Sky Box Sets and Netflix shows on the Sky Q or Netflix apps to watch whenever, wherever you want
Watch on 2 screens at the same time with the Sky and Netflix apps or with a Sky Q Mini box
Already have Netflix? Simply link your existing account to Sky Q or just log into the Netflix app

Get ready for Ultimate On Demand

To make sure you're ready for Ultimate On Demand, you'll need:

A Sky Q box - choose from the 1TB or 2TB box
Add Sky Q Multiscreen with Mini boxes to watch around the home & on the go
Multiscreen also unlocks Netflix Premium - watch on up to 4 screens and in Ultra HD with a Sky Q 2TB box

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. How will Netflix work on Sky Q?

      ● As part of Sky's partnership with Netflix we're creating a brand new TV pack called Ultimate On Demand, bringing the best of Netflix and Sky, all together in one place, with one simple monthly bill.

      ● The innovative integration means recommendations for Sky and Netflix shows such as The Crown, Britannia, Stranger Things and Billions will appear side by side on the Sky Q homepage, making it easier than ever to find what you love and discover new gems.

      ● The Netflix app will be available on Sky Q and Netflix members can sign in to access their existing Netflix service, including their recommendations and profiles.

  • 2. How is Netflix on Sky different to competitors?

      ● Through the new TV pack - Ultimate On Demand - Sky is the only place you can access your favourite Netflix and Sky shows together in one place on the brilliant Sky Q box at a single, combined price and with one simple monthly bill.

      ● Sky customers will be able to easily discover recommended Netflix content through the Sky Q menu.

  • 3. When will Ultimate On Demand be available on Sky Q?

      ● Netflix will be available through the Ultimate On Demand pack in November.

      ● Existing Netflix customers, including those without the Ultimate On Demand pack, will also be able to sign in to Netflix through the Netflix app on the Sky Q box from November.

  • 4. How much will it cost? 

      ● For only €16 extra a month, it's UK's best price for Sky and Netflix content on demand.

      ● New Sky customers will need to purchase a Sky Q Entertainment subscription at €32 a month (min 12 month contract) and add Ultimate On Demand for an extra €16 a month.

      ● To watch Ultra HD content on more screens with Sky Q, Ultimate On Demand pack customers can also take Q Multiscreen at €16 per month and will be automatically upgraded to Netflix Premium Plan (UHD content, 4 simultaneous streams).

  • 5. What length is the contract?

      ● Ultimate On Demand will be available through a 31 day rolling contract.

  • 6. How does Ultimate On Demand work with customers that have an existing Netflix Standard plan?

      ● Existing Netflix Standard plan customers will be able to easily transfer their Netflix account into their Sky TV subscription, or alternatively sign in to the Netflix app directly using their existing account details.

      ● Existing Netflix customers transferring their existing Netflix account to their Sky TV subscription will be able to keep their existing Netflix profiles.

      ● Customers who transfer their existing Netflix account to their Sky TV subscription will benefit from the ease of one monthly bill.

  • 7. How does Ultimate On Demand work with customers that have an existing Netflix Premium plan?

      ● Existing Netflix Premium plan customers will be able to easily transfer their Netflix account into their Sky TV subscription by taking Sky Entertainment (€32 a month), Ultimate On Demand (€16 a month) and Q Multiscreen (€16 extra a month).

  • 8. Can you watch in HD & UHD?

      ● The Ultimate On Demand pack provides Netflix and Sky Box Sets in HD (includes Netflix Standard plan).

      ● To watch Netflix & Sky Box Sets in Ultra HD on Sky Q - in addition to Ultimate On Demand - customers need the Q Multiscreen subscription (€16 extra a month) and a 2TB box. This entitles customers to the Netflix Premium plan (4 concurrent streams, Ultra HD).

  • 9. Will Ultimate On Demand and Netflix be available on Sky+?

      ● Ultimate On Demand and the Netflix app will only be available for customers that have Sky Q. Sky+ customers can upgrade to Sky Q to get Ultimate On Demand.

  • 10. Will Netflix content be available through the Sky Q app and Sky Go?

      ● Ultimate On Demand subscribers will be able to watch Netflix through the Netflix app, on all Netflix compatible devices, in addition to their Sky Q box.

      ● Ultimate On Demand also allows customers to watch and download Sky shows on the Sky Go and Sky Q apps, but Netflix content won't be available on these apps. Customers can always download the Netflix app and login with their credentials.

  • 11. What does this mean for customers with Sky Box Sets?

      ● Customers with Sky Box Sets will be able to keep their current Sky Box Sets pack, but this won't include Netflix or access to the Netflix app within their subscription.

      ● Sky Box Sets customers will need to upgrade to Ultimate On Demand or log in to the Netflix app on Sky Q using an existing Netflix subscription in order to access Netflix shows.

Here's the legal bit

Netflix on Sky: Requires Sky Q, Sky Entertainment, Ultimate On Demand and a broadband connection. 18 month minimum term. Set up fees apply.