Terms and Conditions – Republic of Ireland

  • Sky Ultimate TV

    • You need a Sky Q box and an active broadband service for the Ultimate TV Add-on.

    • Sky will bill you for the Ultimate TV Add-on from the date it’s activated. If you already have a Netflix account, you have the option to link it to your Ultimate TV Add-on once it has been activated. Netflix will continue to charge you separately until you link that account. For any queries regarding your billing with Netflix prior to activating Netflix on the Ultimate TV Add-on please contact Netflix.

    • To watch Netflix on 4 screens at the same time, and access Netflix in Ultra HD you need Sky the HD and UHD packs with the Ultimate TV Add-on. Please note that in order to watch in Ultra HD on Sky Q you’ll need a UHD compatible TV.

    • If you link an existing Netflix Premium plan to your Ultimate TV Add-on but don’t have Sky HD or UHD, you’ll move to Netflix’s Basic plan which allows you to watch Netflix 1 screen. Sky HD is required for the Netflix Standard plan which allows you to watch Netflix on 2 screens and in HD. Sky HD and UHD are required for the Netflix Premium plan which allows you to watch on 4 screens and in UHD. .

    • Netflix is streamed via broadband. A minimum download speed per stream of 5.0 Mbps for Netflix HD content and 25.0 Mbps for Netflix Ultra HD content is recommended.

    • Your Sky TV contract is subject to a minimum term.

    • YYou can access your Netflix account through the Ultimate TV Add-on via the Sky Q box or via the Netflix app on 3rd party devices.

    • You can view Netflix’s Privacy Statement on Netflix.com/privacy.

    • If you link an existing Netflix account as part of your Ultimate TV Add-on, removing the Ultimate TV Add-on will not automatically cancel your Netflix membership, and billing will automatically revert to Netflix if they hold a valid payment method, once your Ultimate TV Add-on contract ends. If you wish to review your Netflix membership please visit help.netflix.com

    • We will share the preferred email address registered to your Sky account with Netflix International B.V. in order for Netflix to provide you with your services. For further information about how Sky handles your personal data and your rights, please visit the Privacy & Cookies Notice available on Sky.com

    • While the Ultimate TV Add-on is part of your Sky TV package and you have activated Netflix as part of the Ultimate TV Add-on, if and to the extent that the Netflix Terms of Use related to billing, payments and cancellations (except section 3.2) conflict with the terms of your Sky Q customer contract, the Sky Q terms shall prevail.