Call features - Republic of Ireland

  • Sky Talk Call Features


    If you are a Sky Talk customer then you can benefit from some great inclusive and subscription call features.



    Price per use

    Alarm Clock Activation

    Setup  your phone as an alarm reminder by setting a time for your phone to ring within a 24 hour period
    44.60c (Activated)

    Alarm Clock Cancellation
    Disable Alarm reminder calls
    Call Forwarding Activation
    Forward calls to any other Irish number (either fixed or mobile)
    Call Forwarding Check
    Check that Call forwarding is enabled on your line
    Call Return
    Hear the number, time and date of the last missed call
    6.77c (Activated)

    If a number's engaged, request a ring back and you'll be called when the number becomes free.

    For other call features, customers can subscribe to these on a monthly basis* as follows:



    Price per month

    Three Way Calling

    Allows you to have a phone conversation with two people in different locations at the same time
    No extra charge

    CLI Restriction

    Dial 141 before your call to conceal your number from the person you're calling
    No extra charge

    Call Waiting
    Alerts you that a second call is trying to get through
    No extra charge
    Caller Display
    See the telephone number of an incoming call
    No extra charge
    Call Answering

    Allows callers to drop a message in your mail box when you can't get to the phone or are on another call
    No extra Charge

    Family Mailbox
    Allows you to have up to 4 mail boxes on the same phone number
    €2.32/ month
    Handset Rental1 (Corded)
    Rental charge for a corded handset.
    Handset Rental1(Cordless)
    Rental charge for a cordless handset.
    €2.82/ month
    * Cancellation of subscription to any of these optional call features must be made 31 days in advance 
    1 Handset rental is only available for customers transferring their handset rental agreement from a previous service provider to Sky. Sky will not offer new or existing Sky Talk customers handset rental services if this wasn't provided to them by their previous service provider.