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Sky has partnered with Devialet, one of the most innovative names in audio. Sky Soundbox combines Sky TV intelligence with Devialet's groundbreaking acoustic technology, first developed for its critically acclaimed Phantom Speaker. This exclusive collaboration will take your Sky TV entertainment experience to the next level.

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Sounds epic.

Exclusive Sky Q Sound

Sky Soundbox, together with Sky Q, delivers exclusive sound experiences designed by Devialet across an amazing range of sports, music and cinema. Prepare to enjoy Sky entertainment at its very best.

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One speaker.
Speaks volumes.

Immersive 360° experience

Sound that seems so real, you'll think you're at the heart of the action. Experience sound you'd expect from a full home cinema system in a single speaker. Unlike 5-speaker surround systems, there's no need to wire your Sky Soundbox around the entire room. Simply plug in and play.

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More bass.
Less space.

Outstanding power and bass

Superior engineering has made it possible to create huge power and bass from the one box. Experience the sound quality of a full home cinema system from a single device, with no need for an external subwoofer.

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Too loud.
Too quiet.
Just right.

Dynamic Volume

Volume levels are automatically adjusted to ensure clarity in everything from quiet dialogue to explosive action. So you can sit back and enjoy the entertainment, without constantly fiddling with the remote.

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