I need help fixing a problem with Sky Q TV.

No Satellite Signal

If you’re seeing a No Satellite Signal error on Sky TV, follow this quick and simple diagnostic tool.

Using the standby settings

Find out about the different standby modes on your Sky Q box, including how to change from Eco to stop your box switching to standby or going into low power mode between 2.30am-6am.

Setting up Ultra HD

Find more information on setting up your Ultra HD TV so that you can enjoy watching Sky Q in Ultra HD.

Using your Sky Q TV apps

Press the sidebar button on your Sky Q remote to find your Sky Q apps, where you can access Youtube, Vevo, My Photos, Sky News, Sky Sports News HQ and the Weather app.

Black bars on some shows

The black bars make the picture look as if it doesn't fit the screen, but they're part of the broadcast image