I need help using Broadband.

Connect to Sky WiFi

Find out how to connect your device for the first time or read our articles if you are having trouble connecting to Sky WiFi.

Broadband set up checklist

Read our checklist for some of the most common issues for setting up either the Sky Hub or a Sky router.

Your Sky Booster

Use a Sky Booster to extend the range of your wireless signal in your home.

McAfee Internet Security Suite

Help and advice for McAfee Internet Security Suite software, from registering and downloading to managing your subscription.

McAfee Parental Controls

Parental Controls are an important part of keeping your family safer online. Sky Broadband customers can get Parental Controls free.

Websites we’ve blocked under order of the High Court

Here's a list of sites we've been ordered by the High Court to block. Also included are the identities of the parties who obtained the Orders, and what to do if you're a Sky customer affected by any of the changes listed.

File sharing court orders

When media companies find evidence of unlawful file sharing, they may get in touch with broadband users directly, having obtained personal details from service providers - including Sky - via court order. If the court order is granted, here's the action we'll take at Sky, and what you should do if you're contacted directly by a copyright owner.