Using your phone abroad (roaming)

Sky Mobile roaming changes

From the 3 May 2022, Roaming Passport Plus will reduce from £6 to £2, lasting for 24 hours. EU/EEA destinations (excluding the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man) and UAE will now be added to the list of Roaming Passport Plus destinations, so it will cost £2 for 24 hours to access your UK data, calls and texts plan across some of your favourite holiday spots around the world.

And if you run out of data when roaming, you can still roll your Sky Piggybank data, just like you would do in the UK.

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Here's all the things you need to know about using your phone while you're abroad.

If you bought your phone from somewhere else (not Sky), you might need to check your settings before you travel and while you're abroad.

Top tip

When you’re back in the UK, turn your phone or tablet off and on again to make sure you’re connected to the UK network.