Whats on TV?

Want to find out what’s on TV, including what’s on with subtitles, sign language and audio description? Scroll down to see our various TV guides, or check out our weekly selection of top picks.

Filtered TV Guide

Our filtered guide lets you search for content with Subtitles, Sign Language and Audio Description. Find it at the bottom of the page.

Full TV Guide >

The full TV Guide is a complete listing from Sky. Click on the programme name to get information about Subtitles, Sign Language and Audio Description.

Sky Go app >

Recently we launched a new version of our Sky Go app. It has a complete TV guide with improved accessibility. Click on the link to find out more about the app.

On your Set Top Box

Highlight Subtitled and Audio Description content on your TV Guide on your Set Top Box. Follow our Finding subtitles or Finding audio description guides to find out how.

We have recently launched an On Demand BSL channel called BSL Zone where you can enjoy great On Demand content in Sign Language. Visit our Signed programming guide for more information.

Filtered TV Guide