Sky VR app

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Sky VR showcases a range of immersive experiences from Sky and our partners, including Star Wars: Rogue One Recon and Disney’s The Jungle Book.

To use Sky VR you'll need a Samsung Gear headset with a mobile that is a Samsung 7 or above, an Oculus Go headset or an Oculus Rift headset with a compatible PC.

Please note: The Sky VR app is available exclusively for Sky customers who’ve joined our free loyalty programme, Sky VIP.

Safety guidelines

We recommend you follow the safety guidelines below, but also refer to the relevant support site for your VR headset. You’ll find a list of links to some of these in the Fixing a problem with your headset section of this guide.

  • The app shouldn’t be used by anyone aged under 16.
  • Take breaks frequently when using the app. If at any point you experience nausea, discomfort, eye strain or disorientation, stop using the app and/or headset immediately.
  • Be aware of your surroundings before using VR, ensuring you have enough free space in your immediate area so you don’t bump into anything or knock anything over.
  • Don’t use the app and/or headset while driving, walking, or in any way that distracts you from real-world situations or prevents you from obeying traffic and safety regulations.
  • If you’re feeling impaired or disorientated after using the app and/or headset, don’t drive or operate heavy machinery.
  • If you regularly have, or could be prone to having seizures, consult with a doctor before using the app and/or headset.