Sky Mobile bills and payments

Usage and account charges

Your bill may be higher than expected due to usage charges outside of your plan and/or account adjustments.

To see a detailed breakdown of your charges, check the 'View itemised bill' or 'Adjustments' section of your bill and select the arrows beside each option.

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Sky Mobile itemised bill example - arrow highlighted

Charges not included in your plan:

  • Calls to premium rate service numbers (e.g. 084, 087, 09 numbers and 118)
  • Calls and texts to the Channel Islands, Isle of Man and indirect access numbers
  • Calls to non-geographic, pagers, or personal numbers (e.g. 055, 056, 076, 070 numbers)
  • Picture messages (MMS)
  • Calls to voice short codes (e.g. TV show voting)
  • Texts to SMS short codes (e.g. competition entries, charity donations or text banking)
  • Calls and texts from the UK to international numbers
  • Calls and texts from Europe (EU/EEA) to international numbers outside of Europe (EU/EEA)
  • Calls to international service numbers (e.g. 00800 numbers)
  • Roaming charges (data, calls and texts) from when you're outside of Europe (EU/EEA), unless you use Roaming Passport Plus
  • Roaming Passport Plus charges (if activated)

If you have Pay As You Use Calls and Texts, as well as the extra charges above, you'll also be charged for:

  • Calls and texts to UK landlines (01, 02, 03 numbers) and mobiles (07 numbers)
  • Calls and texts to European (EU/EEA) landlines and mobiles whilst roaming
  • Calls to voicemail (759 and +44 7488 222 000)
  • Call forwarding

Please note: A single text (SMS) is up to 160 characters long. Texts longer than this will be charged as 2 or more texts. For more info, see the 'Texts (SMS) and picture messages (MMS)' section of the Data, calls and texts article.

Also, if you make a call that spans over midnight on your bill date (when one bill period ends and the next one begins), this will show as two entries/call events on your bill. When combined, this will be the correct length and cost of the call.

For a full list of charges, see the Sky Mobile Tariff Guide.

Stay in control of your spending

To find out what's using up your data and for tips on how to save on data, calls and texts, see our money-saving tips.

A great way to help avoid unexpectedly high bills is to set a monthly spend cap for any out of plan charges.

Adjustments and additional charges may include:

  • Upfront phone/tablet payment(s)
  • Charges for receiving paper bills (if requested)
  • Swap credit adjustment (if you recently swapped your old device for a new one)
  • Additional fees and charges (including the late payment fee)
  • Failed text or picture message delivery credit. For more info, see 'Texts (SMS) and picture messages (MMS)' on the Data, calls and texts article.


Any offers will show on your bill.

Example of Mobile bill with call saver and data plan discounts

For device and accessory offers, you'll see the final discounted amount on your bill each month - it won’t show it as a recurring offer on your account.

Example of Sky Mobile bill with a device offer

If you cancel Sky TV, the free Unlimited Calls and Texts offer will drop off and you’ll start being charged the full monthly price for Unlimited Calls and Texts.

If you’re on a 12 or 30-month plan offer and it comes to an end, the offer will drop off and you’ll start being charged the full monthly price for Unlimited Calls and Texts and/or your data plan.

If you choose to remove the Unlimited Calls and Texts Saver, you’ll go onto the Pay As You Use plan and any calls and texts you make will be chargeable.

Sky Piggybank rewards

If you used any Sky Piggybank data towards your device or accessory purchase it will show in the ‘phones/tablets’ or ‘accessories’ section of your bill.

Charges not showing on your bill

It can take up to 30 hours (sometimes longer) for some charges to show on your bill. These charges may show on a later bill.

International roaming charges

When you use roaming abroad you’ll be using a different service provider. If there’s a delay in us receiving usage information from the other service provider there’ll be a delay adding this to your next bill.

Mobile late payment fee

If you don’t pay your bill by your payment due date, we may charge a £5 late payment fee.

We’ll remind you about the late payment fee in correspondence before the fee is added. The fee will be applied at least 7 days after the warning communication is issued.

If you only make a partial payment to reinstate, you may be charged another late payment fee if you fail to pay your next bill on time.