Sky Broadband Buddy

What is Sky Broadband Buddy?

Sky Broadband Buddy lets you manage each screen in your home from an app on your phone or tablet. It’s like a remote for the internet with loads of features:

  • Create different filters for everyone in the family so they only see what they should.
  • Keep tabs on screen time by setting regular time limits and bedtimes.
  • Whether it’s homework time or family time, tap pause on one person or the whole home and they won’t be able to get online.
  • See what your family does online and the sites they visit.
  • Washing up done? Bedroom tidied? Use Rewards keep everyone happy with more time for their favourite apps, games, or sites.

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How do I get Sky Broadband Buddy

Before you start using Sky Broadband Buddy, you need to be on one of our current broadband packages and have Sky Broadband Boost. Not on one our current packages? Upgrade now. Or Sign in to check your package if you're not sure.

Already have Sky Broadband Boost? Set up Sky Broadband Buddy

Sky Broadband Buddy is supported by Internet Matters – a not-for-profit helping parents protect their children in a digital world.