Sky Broadband Buddy

Using Sky Broadband Buddy with Sky Broadband Shield

Sky Broadband Buddy can be used together with Sky Broadband Shield, but it works best when your Sky Broadband Shield age rating is set to 18.

But don't worry, set a filter with Sky Broadband Buddy and everyone will only sees what they should.. And you'll still be protected from malware and phishing with Sky Broadband Shield.

Set Sky Broadband Shield to 18:

  1. Sign in to Sky Broadband Shield with your Sky ID details. Problems signing in? Get help with your Sky iD.
  2. Choose age rating 18 and Save settings.

What's the difference between Sky Broadband Buddy and Sky Broadband Shield?

Sky Broadband Buddy let's you manage screen time from an app on your phone or tablet, either at home or on the go. You can create different filters and settings for everyone in the family so they only see what they should.

Go to What is Sky Broadband Buddy for more info.

Sky Broadband Shield works at home and helps protect you from phishing and malware-infected sites. Set an age rating to control the types of websites that can be visited. It's free and comes with any of our broadband packages.

Go to Sky Broadband Shield for more info.