Return or recycle your Sky equipment

Return your old phone or tablet as part of swap

Posting instructions and returns packaging

  • We'll send you posting instructions and pre-paid packaging with your new phone or tablet.
  • Please don’t use any other packaging to send your device back in.
  • If you didn’t get this or you’ve lost it, contact us to order more returns packaging.
  • The pre-paid packaging insures your old phone or tablet for up to £100. If you think it's worth more, we'd recommend that you use Special Delivery provided by Royal Mail - this insures your old phone or tablet for up to £500.
  • Please keep your proof of postage until we confirm we’ve got your phone or tablet.

Return deadline date

Post your old phone or tablet back to us:

  • Phones: within 14 days of getting your new one or your swap packaging.
  • Tablets: by the deadline date we tell you.

We'll send you email reminders to check you're on track.

Check your return deadline date in your Order Confirmation email or in My Account > Mobile (sign in with your Sky iD and select the device you're swapping).

Missed your return deadline date?

If you don’t return your old:

  • Phone: within 14 days, we'll cancel your swap. Don't worry, you can carry on with your swap, you'll just need to start a new swap request online.
  • Tablet: by the date we tell you, the value of your device will reduce.

Your monthly device payments (if applicable) will carry on for both devices until your credit agreement ends or you complete your swap.

Before returning your old device

Make sure you:

  1. Back up your personal data and, if you’d like, restore it to your new device.
  2. Remove your iCloud account/Google account – we can’t accept your device if it’s locked to your account.
  3. Remove your passcode by doing a Factory Reset.
  4. Remove your SIM and memory card and pop them into your new device (or use the new one we sent to you if you need a different size).
  5. Remove any accessories, e.g. phone case.

For detailed instructions:

  1. Go to device support.
  2. Select the make and model of the device you're returning.
  3. Scroll down to Swap help and select 'Get your device ready'.

Damaged or lost in the post


  • When we get your old phone or tablet back, if it looks like it's been damaged in the post we'll email you to let you know how to raise a claim with Royal Mail.
  • We’ll send your phone or tablet back to you in a Royal Mail accident bag.


Returning your new phone or tablet