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Your Sky Ultra Fibre Optic questions answered

Sky Ultra Fibre Optic will bring fibre broadband directly to your home, giving you ultrafast speeds. Find out more with our frequently asked questions below.


  • Can I get Sky Ultra Fibre Optic (Sky UFO)?

    If you live in postcodes YO30, YO31, YO32, there’s a good chance you could get Sky Ultra Fibre Optic. Call us on 03303 323 070 to check with one of our advisors.

    If you’d like to take Sky UFO, you’ll need to be a Sky TV customer. If you already have Sky TV, call us on 03303 323 070 to get upgraded to Sky UFO. Or to join Sky TV, call us on 03303 323 070 to discuss the great offers available to you.

    If our engineers have been in your area recently, it may take a couple of months for the service to become active. You can register your interest online and we’ll let you know when your area becomes available.

  • Will you cover the rest of York and other cities?

    We’re always looking at ways to provide the best service to our customers. If your home isn’t covered in our area today, please register your interest online. You can find other great Sky Broadband and Talk products currently available to you at

  • Can I get Sky UFO if I live in an apartment building?

    If you live in a small apartment building, we may be able to connect you straight away, however we’re still working on solutions for larger blocks of flats. To check if the service is available to you, call us on 03303 323 070 or you can register your interest online.

  • Why can't I buy Sky UFO online?

    Our Sky Ultra Fibre Optic products are brand new. If you call us on 03303 323 070 we can talk to you about which product is best suited to your home, answer all your questions and walk you through the installation process. That way, there will be no surprises on the day and we can make sure you get the best product to suit you.

Sky UFO router

  • Do I need a new router?

    Yes. The Sky Hub has been built for Sky Broadband products, but for Sky Ultra Fibre Optic we’ll provide you with a Sagem router that's able to deliver you ultrafast speeds through both Ethernet and Wi-Fi and can connect to an ultrafast network. Your Sky UFO router is free when you buy any Ultra Fibre Optic package from Sky.

  • Why is there more than one box?

    When your new Sky Ultra Fibre Optic service is installed, you'll need more boxes in your home than usual. You'll have a new router that can handle our ultrafast speeds as well as a Sky UFO Gateway (ONT - Optical Network Terminator).

    The ONT connects to the fibre cable and translates the signals into your phone and broadband services and also contains a battery backup.

    Your telephone service would usually be powered by equipment in your local telephone exchange, but with Sky UFO Talk services it also needs power in your home, which is why the ONT needs to be plugged into the mains. The battery backup means you can use your phone in the event of a power cut and still make emergency calls if you need to.

  • What Wi-Fi standards the router use?

    The UFO router uses two different Wi-Fi standards, depending on the Wi-Fi band being used:

    • 5GHz - 802.11 A/N/AC
    • 2.4GHz - 802.11 B/G/N

  • How can I connect devices to the router?

    You can connect devices to your new router using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. You can do this in the same way as your old router. You can see how to do this in our Connect to your wireless network help article.

    You can connect up to four devices to your router using Ethernet cables and up to 16 devices using Wi-Fi. You may be able to connect more devices using Wi-Fi, however your internet speed may be affected for additional devices.

    If you have any network enabled devices, such as printers or storage devices, you can connect them to your home network using the USB port and access them from any devices connected to your Sky UFO router.

  • What's the maximum Wi-Fi speed I can get with my router?

    Your maximum speed should be around 300Mbps.

  • Where can I find information about the Sky UFO router?

    You can find information about your Sky UFO router in the Sagem installation guide.


  • Do I need to be at home for the installation?

    Yes, you'll need to make sure that someone can let the engineer in so they can set up your equipment. They’ll talk you through the installation and can answer any questions you may have.  

  • What happens on the day of my installation?

    The engineer will complete a short survey when they first arrive, they’ll then be able to explain how the fibre will be connected to your home from the nearest connection point in your street.

    We may have to dig some of your garden or driveway to lay the fibre cables from the street into your home, but don’t worry, everything will be put back again.

    The engineer will then discuss with you how best to connect the fibre cables to your phone sockets.

    The installation will take about two hours, though this may vary depending on the layout of your house. The engineer will bring all of the equipment they need to connect your new Sky Ultra Fibre Optic, including your new router, so you'll be ready to enjoy it as soon as it's set up.

  • How can I change my installation appointment?

    Please call us on 03303 323 070 to change your appointment.

  • Can I give feedback about the installation?

    Please call us on 03303 323 070 to give feedback on the installation process. We can then make improvements or pass your comments to the right people.

Sky UFO Line Rental and Sky Talk

  • Do I get Sky Talk with Sky Ultra Fibre Optic?

    Our great broadband packages come with Sky Line Rental. Our customers can chose from a range of Sky Talk packages inclusive of calls to mobile and 0845 and 0870 numbers starting from £4 per month or choose to Pay As You Talk.

  • Will Sky UFO work with any phone?

    You can use any UK telephone with Sky UFO Line Rental and Talk products. The phone must be connected to your phone socket if it has been connected to your Sky UFO service, or directly to the Sky UFO Gateway (ONT) using an adapter if not.

  • What call features are available?

    The available call features are:

    •  Number withhold
    •  Last caller
    • Return call
    • Last caller deletion
    • Return call
    • Standard voicemail
    • Caller display
    • Reminder call
    • Three-way calling

  • What Sky Talk call packages are available?

    Our Sky Ultra Fibre Optic broadband packages come with Sky UFO Line Rental, so there's no need to take out Sky Line Rental. 

    Our customers can also choose from a range of Sky Talk packages inclusive of calls to mobile and 0845 and 0870 numbers starting from £4 per month or choose to Pay As You Talk. Compare our Sky Talk packages to find out more.

  • Can I keep my telephone number?

    In most cases you should be able to keep your current phone number or bring your number over from another provider to Sky UFO.

  • What's the Acceptable Use Policy?

    You can find our Acceptable Use Policy in our Terms and Conditions.

Sky UFO broadband

  • What speeds will I get from Sky UFO?

    •  Sky Ultra Fibre Optic guarantees 50Mbps download speed and 15Mbps upload speed.
    • Sky Ultra Fibre Optic Plus guarantees 100Mbps download speed and 30Mbps upload speed.
    • Sky Ultra Fibre Optic Pro gives you up to 940Mbps download speed and 100Mbps upload speed.

    This is the speed of the data connection between your broadband router and where our network starts in York.

  • What’s the difference between access line speed and throughput speed?

    The access line speed is the speed of the data connection between your broadband router and our network. The throughput speed is the actual speed that you experience at the particular time you‘re connected to the internet. This number is highly dependent on the internet, the website or service you access and the device you use to connect to the internet.

     When you check your speed through a speed check website, you’re measuring your throughput speed, which is around 10% less than your access line speed.

    To find out your access line speed, visit My Broadband and sign in with your Sky iD.

  • How can I check or perform a speed test?

    Other speedtests aren't built to support ultrafast speeds, so we’ve partnered with Ookla, the global leader in broadband testing, to develop a test that can give an accurate reading of speeds on our ultra fibre optic network. 

    To check your speed:

    1. Connect your PC or laptop to your router with the cable we provided.
    2. Make sure no other person or device is using the internet at the same time.
    3. Start the speed test.

    If you use a tablet, smartphone or older computer or you use Wi-Fi, a wireless booster or a powerline extender, results may be slower.

    The speed test we’ve developed uses Flash, so unfortunately it doesn’t yet work on some mobile phones and tablets, but we’re working with Ookla to improve that.

  • What upload speed will I get?

    • Sky Ultra Fibre Optic has upload speeds of up to 15Mbps
    • Sky Ultra Fibre Optic Plus has upload speeds of up to 30Mbps
    • Sky Ultra Fibre Optic Pro has upload speeds of up to 100Mbps

  • Is the speed guaranteed for each device I use?

    The guaranteed speed is for each home, which means you’ll share it between all the devices being used in your home.

  • Are there any download limits on Sky UFO?

    All our Sky Ultra Fibre Optic packages are completely unlimited. We want you to get the most out of our ultrafast speeds.

  • Can I use Sky Broadband Shield with Sky UFO?

    You can’t currently use Sky Broadband Shield with Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband and, if you've switched from another Sky Broadband Service, your settings won’t have been kept. As soon as Sky Broadband Shield becomes available we'll let you know.

Sky TV

Account and billing

  • Where can I find my Sky Broadband and Talk on my bill?

    Your bill will display as follows; Broadband Subscription Debit Adjustment, calls package as Sky Talk and your Line Rental as Debit Adjustment. Promotional offers will also be included in the debit adjustment of your Ultra Fibre Optic package. You’ll only pay for your service from the date it becomes active.

    If you have any questions about your bill, please call us on 03303 323 070 and one of our advisors will be able to help you.

  • What happens if I move house?

    If you move house, please call us on 03303 323 070 to let us know and we’ll be able to tell you what Sky products you can get in your new home. If you move out of a Sky UFO area, we’ll still be able to give you a great Sky Broadband and Talk service.

  • Can I upgrade and will I need to sign up for another 12 month contract?

    You can upgrade to Sky Ultra Fibre Optic from another Sky Broadband product at which point you’ll need to sign up for another 12 month contract, however you can upgrade from one Sky UFO package to another without taking another contract.

  • Why do I need to take Sky TV?

    As we're still building the Ultra Fibre Optic service, at the moment it can only be offered to Sky TV customers. If you don't have Sky TV you can still get Sky Ultra Fibre Optic if you take a new TV subscription.

    If you cancel your TV bundle with Sky, we’ll also have to cancel your Sky UFO service. Please call us on 03303 323 070 if you have any questions.

  • If I have a query about Sky UFO, who should I call?

    Please call us on 03303 323 070 to get in touch with our dedicated call centre team who specialise in fibre services to support you.