Your PINs explained

Sky Q has two PINs that you can use to restrict viewing on Sky.


This is used to set parental controls, make purchases and rentals, and view PIN-protected shows on your Sky Q box or device at home, as well as the downloading and viewing of recordings on a device. Your PIN is linked to your billing information and parental controls, so it's important to keep it confidential.

If you’re new to Sky: The PIN is the last four digits of your viewing card.

If you’re moving from Sky+ to Sky Q : Your Sky Q PIN is the same as the one you used on your Sky+ box. If you never changed it, it'll be the last four digits of your original viewing card.

Sky Device PIN

You can set this up to restrict both the downloading and viewing of on demand shows on the Sky Q app, as well as restrict live TV and on demand shows when you're away from home.

To set this up, sign into your Manage account and follow the on screen instructions.

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