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What to do once you've ordered Talk

When you order your Sky phone line, we confirm dates for the activation of the line and the engineer installation of your equipment.


If you have also ordered Sky TV, your Sky TV will be set up by a Sky installer. If we need to send an engineer to your home to install the new phone line, this will be done by an Openreach engineer on Sky's behalf. Openreach are responsible for the UK’s communications access network – including the physical phone line that Sky provide our Sky Talk phone service over.

We will request the Openreach engineer install one main phone socket at your address - we do not currently offer additional phone sockets. You may not need an engineer if there's already a phone line and socket at your address, or you're transferring your phone service from another provider. We'll confirm when you place your Talk order if an engineer will need to visit your home to install a new line, or if we can turn on/switch the phone line remotely.

Once your phone line has been activated, you should receive a confirmation text or email.

Rearranging installation

To rearrange your installation date you must call the Sky Switch Squad on 03448 222 017 before 3.30pm on the working day before the appointment.

Your phone number

To transfer an existing phone number to a new Sky phone line you'll need to let us know your existing phone number and the name of your existing phone provider when placing your order. Don't cancel your phone service with your existing provider as we may not be able to transfer your existing number.

Switching from cable

To avoid disruption to your services, we recommend you cancel your cable broadband service after your Sky Broadband service is activated.

Switching from a non-cable provider

If you're switching from another, non-cable provider, Sky will work with your existing provider to transfer your phone service and your old phone and broadband services will automatically be cancelled when your phone line is switched to Sky.