What to do before you move

Before you move home with Sky TV, check that you have all your equipment and your new home is ready. Don't forget, if you haven't already done so, you can set up your Sky TV home move online at sky.com/homemove. Once booked, you can monitor your move at Sky order tracking.

Remember all your equipment

When you move, you need to take all your Sky equipment to the new house, except the satellite dish and the cables running from it to your Sky box(es).

That means you’ll need:

  • Sky box(es)
  • Viewing card(s)
  • Sky remote control(s)
  • Wireless connector (if you have one)
  • Internal cables (HDMI/SCART cable and power leads)
  • Broadband router (if you have one)

Make sure you take any other equipment you currently use to enjoy Sky in your current property before you leave.

If you’ve told us you want to have Sky in more rooms in your new house, you should also keep hold of any new viewing cards we have sent you as the engineer will need these to complete your installation.

Make sure you have your television unpacked and ready to go. The engineer can’t connect to your Sky dish without it. 

Get permission

It’s up to you to get any permission that’s needed to allow us to install your dish before the installation goes ahead. If you don’t have the right permissions you might be asked by your landlord or council to remove the dish.

If you’re moving to a flat within a block, permission from the owner of the block or the committee responsible for it may be required before we carry out an installation. We do offer tailored services for landlords responsible for blocks of flats who wish to offer Sky to their tenants.

Planning permission from the local planning authority may be required to install Sky in a listed building or within a conservation area. Any alterations may be subject to special conditions (such as the use of certain materials).

Please confirm that permission has been granted before arranging your Sky installation if you’re moving to a development or conservation area where this may apply.

Check the building exterior

Moving your Sky equipment to a new house is just like installing Sky at a property for the first time. The engineer will usually be able to complete the job using standard ladders and equipment. There are exceptions, usually caused by accessibility of the dish on your property.

To make sure the engineer can complete your installation on their first visit, please check if any of the following apply in case we need to use specialist equipment:

  • Your new property is a tenement block with dishes in open view.
  • You live in a flat or apartment with no dishes in open view.
  • You live in a property where the dish is/needs to be more than two floors high.

If you have scaffolding on your property, Sky engineers may not be able to carry out installations and repairs for health and safety reasons.

Installations are not always possible to carry out on properties with cladded walls.

Can we find your new home?

If you are moving to a new development and there are no road signs yet please give us simple directions in the additional comments box while booking your Home Move online.

Your address needs to be registered with the Royal Mail (you only need to check this if you are moving to a brand new property).

Do you need to arrange a parking permit for the engineer?

The engineer must carry heavy equipment from their van, so they’ll need adequate parking close to your property. Please make sure you arrange parking permits for your area if necessary.

I’m moving to an address outside of the UK

Please remember that Sky products aren't available outside of the UK and Ireland. If you're moving to an address within the Republic of Ireland you may find that there are some regional variations affecting the availability of some channels.

Online bookings for Sky Home Move are available for UK addresses only. If you live in the Republic of Ireland, you'll need to contact us.

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