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What's new with Sky Q

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With a Sky Q 2TB box, you’re able to enjoy even more on Sky Q and can now record up to six shows at the same time while watching a seventh.

To record six shows and watch a seventh:

  • Go to Settings, then Setup, followed by Preferences.
  • Change the Maximum number of recordings to and follow the on screen instructions to restart your Sky Q box.

Once changed, the live channel shown in the Mini Guide will display a still image rather than a live channel and you’ll no longer be able to use the split screen feature on Sky Sports. To re-enable these features, visit your Settings again and change the Maximum number of recordings to 5.

Recording tips & tricks

A shortcut to your recordings

For quick access to your recordings, simply press the sky button on your Sky Q remote.

Delete all episodes of a series

To delete an entire show from your recordings, press the sky button on your Sky Q remote then choose A-Z. Find the series you want to delete, swipe or press right and then select Delete all.

Continue watching

If you haven’t quite finished a show, you can find your three most recently watched shows in My Q. To see all the shows you’re part way through, go to Recordings and select Continue