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Sky Go Extra

Watch TV from Sky on Xbox 360

Here's how to get up and running with Sky TV on Xbox 360, as well as some advice on using the service.

  • Installing the Sky TV app on Xbox 360

    1. Make sure that your Xbox 360 is online.
    2. Sign in to Xbox Live and then go to Video Marketplace.
    3. Highlight the Sky tile and press A.
    4. Select the preferred storage location (this will typically be the hard drive on your Xbox 360).
    5. Select Download.
    6. Once the download completes, press A to launch the Sky TV app.
    7. You may receive a prompt advising you to update your Sky TV app. If this appears, select Download Now to install the update.

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  • Watch TV from Sky

    To watch a programme, first launch TV from Sky on Xbox 360. Use the menu to choose On Now, Catch Up, TV Box Sets or Sky Cinema.

    On Now
    The On Now option lets you watch live TV channels.

    1. Select TV Guide.
    2. Navigate up and down to see what's on.
    3. Press the A button on the controller to select a channel.
    4. The content will begin streaming through the app.

    Whilst watching a programme you can open the TV Guide by pressing the X button on your controller.

    Catch Up, TV Box Sets or Sky Cinema
    Catch Up, TV Box Sets and Sky Cinema gives you access to On Demand content.

    1. Select Catch Up, TV Box Sets or Sky Cinema from the headings menu.
    2. Select a TV show or Movie.
    3. Select Watch.
    4. The content will begin streaming through the app.

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  • Can I watch Sky TV on a different Xbox 360?

    If you want to watch Sky TV on a different Xbox 360 to the one you currently use, you must first remove the registration of your existing console.

    1. Sign in to the Sky Go website using your Sky iD and password.
    2. Select Settings at the top of the screen.
    3. Select Manage Devices on the left of the screen.
    4. Select Remove Device next to your Xbox 360.

    Now try to watch Sky TV on another Xbox 360. This will register the new Xbox 360 on your account. You can change registered devices only once per calendar month.

  • Can I watch Sky TV with more than one Xbox Live account?

    Yes, you can use any Xbox Live account to watch Sky TV on your registered Xbox 360.

  • How do I remove Sky Go Extra?

    Whether you’re planning to upgrade your Sky subscription or remove a package from your account, you should always check online first. It could save you a lot of time and effort.

    Read our help article to find out you can change your Sky package.

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