Using Beehive Bedlam

Key Information

The Beehive Bedlam app is only available on Sky Q.

Beehive bedlam logo

Beehive Bedlam was a very popular game during the 2000's, which was available to play in Sky Games. The great news is it's back! And you can play it on your Sky Q box.

Beehive bedlam is free to play so you don’t need to create any account. You can find it in the Apps tab on the main Sky Q homepage, by going to the Apps menu and scroll to the games section or, you can use Voice Control and say Beehive Bedlam.

How to Play

Help the bees store flowers to make honey. The aim of the game is to clear all the flowers on your screen. When you shoot three of more of the same type of flower, they disappear. Be quick though, because the clock is ticking.

Once you have cleared all the flowers, you then move on to the next level where the game becomes faster. Use the < and > on your Sky Q remote to move your cursor, and press SELECT button to shoot or, use the number buttons: 4 for left, 6 for right and 5 to shoot.

There is also a leader board for you to track the highest scores.

You can still watch Live TV while playing Beehive Bedlam:

Beehive Bedlam tab