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  • With Swap12 you can Swap your phone to the latest model every year.
  • With Swap24 you can get our lowest monthly price with no upfront cost, and you can Swap your phone every two years.
  • Watch our help video to find out more about Swap.

How to Swap

  1. We’ll let you know when it’s time to Swap.
  2. Go to My Sky to give us details about the Sky Mobile phone you want to Swap.
  3. We'll tell you how much we'll pay you for your phone (there's no admin or early upgrade fees).
  4. Choose the brand new phone and arrange your payment for this. We’ll then deliver it to your door for free.
  5. And when you’re all set-up, send us your old phone back in the pre-paid packaging we give you.

How Swap works

  • If you’re on Swap12 you’ll be able to Swap your Sky Mobile phone so you can buy a new one any time after 12 months, and if you’re on Swap24, any time after 24 months, up to the end of your original credit agreement period.
  • We’ll check the condition of your old phone matches what you told us (if not, we’ll let you know) and confirm how much we'll pay for it.
  • You’ll sell your old phone back to us, and put the money towards, paying off your remaining credit agreement balance (in full or in part). If you don't have a credit agreement, or there's a surplus, we'll put a credit on your account.
  • If the price we pay for your phone is not enough to pay the outstanding balance on your credit agreement (for example, because your phone is damaged), you must make up the shortfall via a one-off payment on your next bill, after you decide to Swap.
  • If you want to Swap early, you can pay off the credit agreement early and buy a new phone from us.
  • If you paid for your phone in full, you’ll still be eligible for Swap24.

  • Want to keep your phone?

    • If you prefer to hang onto your old phone, we’ll adjust your monthly payments after 12 or 24 months, until the end of your contract or until you find the phone you want to Swap for.
    • In rare cases, if you choose not to Swap, your monthly payments may go up, but we’ll have told you this when you bought your phone.
    • You can check your monthly phone payment details in your credit agreement summary in My Sky

  • Swap price explained

    • When you first buy your phone we’ll give you a Swap option price for it. This is the value we expect to give you for your phone if you Swap as soon as you can, under Swap12 or Swap24 (after 12 or 24 months).
    • The Swap option price is based on you choosing to Swap at the first opportunity (at 12 months with Swap12 or 24 months with Swap24) and your phone being in full working order and undamaged when we receive it. It also assumes the market value reduction set out in your Sky Mobile Terms and Conditions has not been applied. A copy of your contract is also available in My Sky.
    • The actual price we'll pay (the Swap price) will be confirmed once you’ve returned your phone and we’ve checked its condition.
    • Swapping any time after the 12th month (Swap12) or 24th month (Swap24) and any phone damage will reduce your phone’s value and the Swap price we’ll give you for it.
      - Each month you delay your Swap, the Swap price will be reduced by the same amount as your monthly phone payments. 
      - To check how much your Swap price will be reduced by if your phone’s damaged, see our How damage will impact your Swap price PDF (243KB).
    • Your Swap price is only valid for the billing period it's given in, so to take advantage of this price you’ll need to return your phone by the date we give you (normally seven days before the end of the bill period in which you decided to Swap).  If you return your phone later, the Swap price will be reduced (see above).
    • If you don’t return your old phone to us after you’ve received your new one, your monthly phone payments (if applicable) will continue for both phones.

  • Will Sky ever refuse to Swap?

    We won't buy your old phone from you if:

    • You haven’t answered the questions we ask about the condition of your phone;
    • You've missed any repayments under your credit agreement and these are still outstanding;
    • Other than where it has run out of power, your phone does not switch on when we receive it;
    • Your phone is ‘blacklisted’ due to having previously been reported lost or stolen;
    • Your phone has been repaired by anyone other than an installer or repairer who is approved by the manufacturer (a list of approved installers/repairers can be found on the manufacturers' website).

  • Where can I get more information about Swap?

    • Full details of the Swap terms and conditions are set out in your Sky Mobile Terms and Conditions booklet. This is available in My Sky.

  • Here’s the legal bit