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Speed up your on demand downloads

If your on demand downloads are too slow, try these suggestions:

  • 1. Get the best connection – use an Ethernet cable

    For the best on demand experience, we recommend connecting your Sky Hub directly to your Sky+ box using an Ethernet cable. This overcomes any interference issues with wireless connections and gives you the fastest possible download speeds.

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  • 2. Check and improve your wireless signal strength

    For wireless setups, your on demand connection may slow down if your Sky Hub's signal strength is low. To check your wireless signal strength:

    1. Press services on your Sky remote.
    2. Highlight Settings, and press select.
    3. Highlight Network, and look at the signal strength bar.

    If the signal strength is low, there are two things you could try:

    1. If you're a Sky Broadband customer, visit My Broadband and sign in with your Sky iD so we can run tests on your connection, Sky account and setup. We can then determine what may be causing your issue.

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    2. Follow our tips on how to improve the wireless signal from your Sky Hub to your devices.

  • 3. Stop using other internet devices while downloading on demand

    Browsing the web, streaming video and playing online games can all reduce the download speed of on demand, because each device takes a share of the available bandwidth. If you can, reduce other internet activity while on demand downloads are in progress. Alternatively, pause your on demand downloads until a quieter time.

  • 4. Consider the speed of your broadband connection

    On demand works best with a broadband line speed of more than 2Mbps. The faster your broadband, the faster your downloads.

    If you're a Sky Broadband customer, you can check your speed on My Broadband

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  • 5. Pause your on demand downloads

    You can pause and resume on demand downloads whenever you want. Pausing a download for a few minutes and then resuming it is a common way to speed up a slow download. This can also be useful if your broadband provider imposes usage caps or speed restrictions at certain times of day. To pause all downloads:

    1. Press tv guide on your Sky remote.
    2. Press the green button to go to the Planner.
    3. Highlight Downloads, and press the blue button to pause all downloads.
    4. You can resume these downloads by returning to this screen and pressing the blue button again.

  • 6. Consider downloading in SD

    If your broadband connection is slow or limited by usage caps, consider decreasing the size of the programme you wish to download. HD programmes are far larger than those in SD (Standard Definition), so try downloading in SD rather than HD.

    Here are some typical file sizes for programmes available on demand:

    • Sports (in SD), 50 minutes - 450MB
    • Movie (in SD), 90 minutes - 915MB
    • Movie (in HD), 90 minutes - 3,000MB

    If you want on demand to only download in SD, follow the instructions in our Download programmes in HD or SD automatically with Multi-Format article.

    On demand downloads will contribute towards any usage caps imposed by your broadband provider. For a broadband service with no usage caps, we recommend Sky Broadband Unlimited.

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