Sky Yahoo Mail and GDPR

Sky Yahoo Mail is powered by Yahoo. As part of Yahoo’s preparations to comply with a new law called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Yahoo will ask Sky Yahoo Mail users about their advertisement preferences and other things that concern how Yahoo uses personal data.

Yahoo is now part of Oath, so the terms that you'll be asked to agree to apply to Oath and their partners.

What do Sky Yahoo Mail users need to do?

You'll be presented with information on GDPR when you login to your mailbox. You'll need to read this notification carefully and set your preferences on how you want your information to be used.

If you access your emails via an app, such as Outlook or an email app on your mobile, you’ll need to go to Sky Yahoo Mail Sign In to set your preferences.

If you don't set your preferences before midnight on the 23 May 2018 you will lose access to send and receive emails via the app. You may receive a bounce notification when sending a new email. Access will be restored once preferences are set. You should receive an email from Yahoo to explain this.

What if I don’t want to give consent?

Yahoo have advised that customers can manage their preferences in detail. For example, you can choose not to see personalised advertisements served by Yahoo’s partners.

What does this have to do with Sky?

These preferences don't relate to Sky or the way customers use Sky services. They are part of Yahoo’s efforts to comply with a new law. You can always review and change your preferences about how Sky uses your personal data via the My Account > My Details account page online.

What is Sky doing about GDPR?

For more information, see our Sky and GDPR article.

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