No satellite signal

No satellite signal

Before continuing with troubleshooting, check if the problem’s happening on more than one channel. If your picture problem’s only occurring on one channel, the problem’s likely to be with that particular broadcaster. Wait a few minutes and then try the channel again.

If you're in the UK, you should also check the Service Status page for any network outages in your area that could be causing a problem.

Finally, remember that bad weather such as heavy wind, rain, snow, or storms can interfere with your satellite signal. If the weather’s bad where you are, wait for it to return to normal to see if that fixes the problem.

What does your TV screen look like?

If you've got no satellite signal, you can continue watching TV on the Sky Go app until your box is up and running again. However, you might get a no satellite signal error on your Sky Go app as well. To fix this, see our Sky Go help guide.