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Sky Talk Shield explained

Sky Talk Shield is our personalised call screening service for your home phone.

Key features:

  • Choose to answer the calls you want and block the ones you don’t.
  • Add up to 1,000 phone numbers across your Star and Block Lists.
  • Free for our customers with Sky Broadband and Sky Talk.

If you added Sky Talk Shield when joining Sky Talk, it will have been switched on when your services went live.

If you joined Sky Talk before Talk Shield became available and want to add it, you can sign in to Manage and select activate Sky Talk Shield.

  • How Sky Talk Shield works

    When the Call Screening feature is turned on, Sky Talk Shield asks callers to identify themselves. When you answer your phone, you’ll hear a recording of the caller saying their name.

    You can then decide to accept the call, add the caller to your Star List or Block List, or send them to Sky Voicemail if you have voicemail activated. 

    Download our Sky Talk Shield user guide (222KB) >

  • Sky Talk Shield compatibility

    • You won’t be able to get Sky Talk Shield if you have a different broadband provider, leave Sky or are in a non-Sky Network area.
    • For Sky Talk Shield to work you will need to disable other call blocking products and some non-Sky voicemail services.
    • If you have Sky’s Anonymous Caller Reject or Last Caller Barring features, these will automatically be removed from your account when you add Sky Talk Shield.
    • The Call Screening feature is not compatible with text phones and fax machines.
    • It is strongly recommended that security or care alarm providers should be added to your Star List.
    • Sky Talk Shield will work with any push-button landline telephone. If your handset has a built-in call screening service, you will need to disable this in order for Sky Talk Shield to work effectively.

For more information:

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