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Connection problems on Sky Q

Sky Q Mini box error messages

If you see an error message when setting up your Sky Q Mini box or when watching TV, see the information below.

Please note: A Sky Q Mini box needs an active Sky Q box, broadband and a relevant subscription to work. For help on setting up, go to Setting up your new Sky Q Mini box.  

Setting up

  • "Unsuccessful connection"

    If your connection has been unsuccessful, try connecting to another Sky Q product. These can include: Sky Q Booster, Sky Q Hub, Sky Q Mini box and Sky Q box.

    If another Sky Q product is available:

    1. Select Yes, then press Select to start WPS on this box.
    2. Go to the other connected Sky Q product and press and hold the WPS button for three seconds – the button will start flashing amber.
    3. Return to your Sky Q Mini box and wait for up to 2 minutes for the WPS to complete.
    4. If the same message appears again, book an engineer visit.

    If another Sky Q product isn’t available, wait for the WPS light on the Sky Q Mini box to go off, then select Yes and try connecting to the same device again. If this fails, book an engineer visit

  • "No IP address obtained"

    If you see this message, wait a few minutes to see if it disappears.

    If it doesn’t and you:

    • Have setup a static IP address, follow the on screen instructions.
    • Haven't setup a static IP address, restart your router.

    Restart your router

    1. Switch off or unplug your router at the mains socket.
    2. Check there's no lights on the front of your router.
    3. Plug your router back in and switch it on at the mains. Check the power light is back on.

    If you're still having problems, please contact us

  • "There is a problem finding your Sky Q box on the network"

    First, check your main Sky Q box is switched on and working as normal. If it is, check the rest of your setup:

    • If you’ve got more than one Sky Q Mini box, make sure it’s plugged in and the light on the front it amber or green.
    • If you’ve got a Sky Q Booster, make sure it’s turned on and the connected light is on. If it’s not, go to Sky Q Booster not connecting.
    • If any equipment has been moved, move it back to its original location. If this resolves the issue, but you’d like to change the location of your equipment, you’ll need to contact us.

When watching TV

  • "There is problem joining your network"

    You’ll see this error if you’re setting up your Sky Q Mini box for the first time or if you’ve changed your broadband router or settings.

    If you’ve moved your Sky Q Mini box, there may be a connectivity issue and you’ll need to move it back to its original location or try using a Sky Q Booster to boost the signal.

    If you’ve not moved your Sky Q box, select No and check all Sky products are turned on, showing an amber or green light. If they are and you’re still having problems, try a network reset:

    • Press Home on your remote followed by Settings.
    • Scroll to Status then Network connection and select Network setup.
    • Select Reset and Confirm. Your Sky Q Mini box will reset and you’ll be able to reconnect it to your Sky Q box.

    If you’re still seeing the same message after reconnecting your Sky Q Mini box, check the status on your main Sky Q box by pressing Home and then go to Settings and then Status:

    Please note: If the Sky Q Mini box shows Resetting for more than 3 minutes, restart it and then try these steps again.

  • "You can't watch TV right now as there is a connectivity problem"
    If you’re seeing this error message, please visit our help article.
  • "The maximum number of Sky Q Mini boxes are already in use"

    To watch TV on this Sky Q Mini box, switch off one of the others. If you still see the message, try changing to another channel.

    The Sky Q Mini box viewing limits are:

    • Sky Q 1TB box: Watch TV on one Sky Q Mini box and one device via the Sky Q app at the same time.
    • Sky Q 2TB box: Watch TV on two Sky Q Mini boxes and two devices via the Sky Q app at the same time.

    With your maximum number of Sky Q Mini boxes already in use, you can still:

    • Browse the TV Guide.
    • Set and cancel recordings.
    • Set and manage downloads.
    • Use apps from the Sidebar, like Sky News, Sky Sports News HQ and Weather.
    • Use the Online Video section, including YouTube and Vevo.
    • Listen to your music through the Sky Q Mini box, via Bluetooth or Airplay.